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Hey, did you know that acting happy, being happy, and visualizing happiness can release chemicals in the body that can be beneficial to your health, wealth, and friendship?  Well, that’s what the experts say so let’s give it a try, especially during Act Happy Week, starting March 18th.  It is always the 3rd Monday of March. How to start?

Smiling is one of the most primal of human interactions. A baby’s smile is one of their first voluntary forms of communication,  and we respond with a smile. A smile is the universal sign that one is experiencing a good feeling. So smiling in the workplace can tell us much about mood and morale. People who makes eye contact and carry a genuine smile as they move through their daily activities such as work, school, home are perceived as more trustworthy and approachable.

Smiling initiates a complex shift of muscles, breath, and body chemistry (you release endorphins!) that creates a more positive mood.

When you smile on purpose, it will affect all your interactions, so today, smile on purpose. Happiness is not a spectator sport.

Act Happy Week coincides with American Chocolate week, a celebration of chocolate brands made in the USA. Chocolate contains chemical compounds that cause a positive emotional affect – that’s why happiness and chocolate mix well! I’m all for having chocolate every day!