Annual ‘Winners Drink Milk®’ Award toasts 500-Mile Race champion

INDIANAPOLIS – One of the most popular and recognized traditions at the Indianapolis 500-
Mile Race is showcased annually through presentation of the Winners Drink Milk® Award by the
American Dairy Association of Indiana.

The award was created by the Hoosier dairy organization to honor both the reigning champion of
the 500-Mile Race as well as the legacy of the late, great Louis Meyer, the first three-time
winner (1928, ’33, ’36). The legendary Meyer is acknowledged as the driver who started the
Victory Circle Bottle of Milk Tradition when he asked for a glass of buttermilk to quench his
thirst after a grueling 500 miles in 1933. Three years later, Meyer was photographed drinking
milk in Victory Lane. Milk was presented off and on during the next several years until, in 1956,
the Bottle of Milk was made a permanent part of the post-race celebration by Indianapolis Motor
Speedway owner Anton “Tony” Hulman.

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’30 Dairies in 30 Days’ invites Hoosiers to virtual tours of Indiana dairy farms

INDIANAPOLIS – The American Dairy Association of Indiana (ADA) has extended an
invitation to folks throughout the Hoosier state to visit “30 Dairies in 30 Days” during June’s
National Dairy Month.

Sound like a lot of mileage to log? Not to worry – the visits are virtual, part of an innovative web
feature found at Launching this on-line element enables
the dairy association to extend its reach tremendously, says ADA director of communications
Jenni Purcell, RD.

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