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A few months ago we shared with you the first of our four Refuel Runner Ambassadors. These are Indiana bloggers who also like to run and refuel with Chocolate Milk! We at Indiana Dairy are sponsoring them as they run their favorite races throughout the year and post about the races.

Next in line, we would like to introduce to you one of our wonderful Ambassadors, Briana Carter of Bargain Briana.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 34 year old mother of 4 children ranging from 7- 15. I work part time at our family’s mechanical contracting firm. My kids are involved in every activity they can and it keeps us very busy. Most of the time I love it! I starting blogging over 5 years ago to share deals and bargains I was finding with my friends and family. My blog has turned into a nice side business for me with many hours devoted to sharing what I love to do – save money while shopping!

How long have you been running?
I’ve been running for several years on and off! Fall is my favorite time to run and it’s usually when I get back on the running wagon! I consider myself more of a jogger than a runner and never thought I would run voluntarily. I actually quit playing soccer as a kid for a few years because I hated the running part! That didn’t last long, as I ended up loving running when playing defense on the soccer team.
Why do you run?
As I said we are super busy so I love to run to get away from the craziness for awhile and just jam out to some music while burning calories! It’s a great stress reliever and it’s often a great time to sort out my thoughts! Running is one of the few things I take time out of my day to do for myself.
Why did you want to become a Refuel Runner Ambassador?
I wanted to become a Refuel Runner Ambassador to show others that they can do it too! No matter what your goals are – to walk a 5K or to do a triathlon it is possible – no matter your age or how many children you have had – you can achieve your own personal goals. Running is something personal for yourself and I compete with only myself.  I don’t have a goal to run a triathlon or even a marathon. I would love to increase my own personal best pace on a 5K and possibly run a few races that are longer than 5K but not quite a marathon.
What race are you most looking forward to this year and why?
I’m most excited about the Red Gold Run to Crush Hunger! It was my first 5K last year after a friend invited me to run a 5K so it has special meaning to me! Plus, bonus, it’s one of the few races I have to have to wake up an hour earlier to travel to the race as it’s close to my home!