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Healthline News reported earlier this year that new research shows that listening to music can lift (or reinforce) your mood and ultimately lead to a greater quality of life.

Other studies have shown memory to be affected by music because it stimulates parts of the brain. Music has also been found to reduce stress, aid relaxation and alleviate depression.  (THE EFFECTS OF MUSIC ON MEMORY, SARA B. KIRKWEG Missouri Western State University, 1 May 2001. Web. 8 Sept. 2011.)

Many studies show that music enhances learning for a variety of reasons.  Click here for a cool infographic on the subject.


Is it any wonder then that a special day has been set aside to celebrate music?  October 12th is  Universal Music Day according to  So I hope you will listen to your favorite CD’s or sample some new ones, sing a song, play a tune or attend a concert.  Whatever you do, enjoy some music.  It’s good for you.

Deb and fluteMusic has pretty much always been a part of my life.  From listening to music at home with my parents to running around the circumference of the gym/auditorium/lunch room during rhythm class in elementary school to getting my first flutophone in the 5th grade to becoming one of the proud Marching Kingsmen at Penn High School to playing second flute in the Lapel Community Band .

Music does indeed lift the spirits of the performer and the listener.  Another great thing about music is that you can continue to enjoy playing (or listening) throughout your entire life.

Throughout the month of October the Indiana State School Music Association  is holding marching band events all across Indiana which culminate in the Marching Band Finals on Saturday, November 2nd.  Forty bands from all over the state will perform their shows on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium.  It’s a grand time and each year I marvel at the music students’ concentration, commitment and talent; three qualities that got them to the show.

Did you know that the American Dairy Association of Indiana, Indiana’s dairy farm families, are the proud corporate sponsors of this and other ISSMA events?  That partnership began in 1990 making milk the official beverage of all ISSMA events.  When trophies are presented on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium, you can bet those music students will be lifting a celebratory bottle of milk and tasting victory.  In Indiana victory tastes like ice cold milk.