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Today’s blog post is the first entry in our Fuel Up to Play 60 Sideline Success Series. Fuel Up to Play 60 reaches more than 1700 Indiana schools, and we are honored to share success stories from our dedicated students and advisors!


Gina Myers of SELF School in Porter County recently shared a few of their Fuel Up to Play 60 ideas.  Initially, Myers stresses the importance of including all students and faculty when planning any FUTP60 activity. She states, “we are a special education school that provides services to students age 3-22. It is very important that we include ALL of our students and families in this healthy initiative.”

One way this SELF School is obtaining and exceeding their FUTP60 goals is through their school-wide weekly celebrations.  Myers shares, “Our staff celebrates the Fuel up to Play 60 program every Friday by showing our support, wearing the bright green Fuel Up To Play 60 shirts! We choose to wear these to make sure the kids know we are believers in the program. We create things that fit the needs of the students in our classrooms and their ability levels.”

Copy of DSC00803

(Student facilitated garden)

In addition, SELF school holds fruit and vegetable tastings in the classrooms, tracks miles the students walk in the school as they are “Walking from Valparaiso, Indiana to the SUPER BOWL!,” advertise healthy eating in the cafeteria by creating and designing ceiling tiles, grow vegetables in a student created garden, and they practice cooking skills by creating and making healthy breakfasts.

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(In-school walking challenge)

Last week, Myers and her Fuel Up to Play 60 program formed a “Leader/Ambassador” group to strengthen, even more, the camaraderie between students and faculty.

It’s this determination and motivation that makes us pleased to recognize Gina Myers and the Porter County SELF School in our Fuel Up to Play 60 Successful Sideline Stories!