Where were you at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, March 4?  Well, the Dairy Council staff was at Decatur Middle School, getting ready to help students and staff there kick off National School Breakfast Week!  We brought along a few friends, as well, to join in the celebration.

Did your school breakfast look this good?

Decatur Middle School is fortunate to have a person on their staff who is a baker, and homemade banana-chocolate chip muffins were one of the choices students could make.  Yogurt and fruit parfaits, fresh orange slices, and Dean’s milk were also on the menu.

So what’s the big deal about school breakfast?  In a word (or two), healthy students are better students, and healthy students are those that eat breakfast and are physically active.  Read all about it here!

So who was at the celebration?  Our friends from the Colts included former linebacker, Gary Brackett, along with mascot Blue and Cheerleaders.  

Michael Grady from 1070 The Fan was on hand to help serve breakfast to the students.  Of course, our own Buttercup was a big hit, posing for a number of pictures with the kids.  WZPL’s Deacon kept students entertained as well.

Indiana’s Fuel Up to Play 60 State Ambassador, Abby Evans, was on hand to tell her peers about the importance of breakfast and to introduce Gary Brackett, who also spoke to the crowd.

Sarah Kenworthy, RD, from the Indiana Department of Education emphasized the need to start the day with breakfast, and Indiana dairy farmer, Kelly MacKinnon, gave the group an idea of what life was like on her farm, and how happy Indiana dairy farmers were to support school breakfast.

Of course, this celebration wouldn’t have been possible without the enthusiastic support from the school’s principal, Mark Anderson, and Katie Rogers, RD, Foodservice Director for MSD Decatur Township, and her staff. 

 A great time was had by all!