Friend a Farmer

Do you have any dairy farmers in your circle of friends?

Today could be the day to change that. In honor of National Make a Friend Day, why not befriend a dairy farmer?

Or to make it a bit simpler, why not “friend” a farmer on Facebook or follow their Twitter feed or blog?

Many dairy farmers are reaching out to new friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. The farmer’s friends and followers can  experience life on a dairy farm from the adorable, like the birth of a new calf, to the truly miraculous, like people actually waking up for a 3 a.m. milking.

Troxel Dairy Farm shared a picture of their triplet (triplet!!) calves on Facebook. Other Indiana dairies like Willemsen Dairy and New Generation Dairy share pictures and information about their cows and life on a dairy farm.

On Twitter, AllWrightFarms and SchwoeppeDairy tweet about the challenges of caring for dairy cows on cold winter mornings and the care farmers put into producing healthy, wholesome milk.

The Dairy Mom’s blog tells stories from life on the farm and can answer some FAQs about dairy farming. Two Maids a Milking offers recipes and down-home cooking tips from two dairy farming women, but also explains how dairy cows are a part of the farm family.

You can also see that dairy farmers deal with the same everyday problems—like what to cook for dinner or how to convince a kid he needs to wear a winter coat to school. Indiana’s dairy farms are a true family affair, with many farmers working alongside brothers, sisters, parents, in laws, and children.

When you get to know a farmer, you’ll also witness first-hand that farmer’s commitment to animal care, human nutrition, and environmental responsibility.

Connecting with a farmer online can be a great opportunity to arrange a farm tour and actually meet some dairy cows!

So, take your coat off and stay awhile, you’re part of the dairy family now!