Start May with Smoothies

Ladies and gentlemen, start your blenders: Smoothies make a quick, easy and healthy meal, snack or dessert.

Smoothies are all the rage because they are a simple (and delicious!) way to bump up your daily intake of powerhouse fruits and veggies. Full of antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, they are the perfect way to sneak a whole lot of goodness into your family diet. You can use these recipes to make some yummy kid-friendly smoothies, or concoct your own tasty delights with what you have on hand at home[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:28]

It’s not easy getting kids excited about fruit and vegetables. That’s where smoothie recipes for kids come into play. If you present them a smoothie as something different and give fruits and vegetables a a new name (kid’s smoothies) they are more likely to consume these foods. These bright, colorful, and delicious drinks will get kids to consume something healthy in a new and exciting way.  Try starting your May with yummy smoothies.  Be creative and let the kids vote for their favorite!