Sideline Success Series: Delaware Trail Elementary

Today’s blog post is the 9th entry in our Fuel Up to Play 60 Sideline Success Series. Fuel Up to Play 60 reaches more than 70% of Indiana schools, and we are honored to share success stories from our dedicated students and advisors!
There are many different ways to get your students active with the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, one of which is to involve as many (students) leaders both in the school and in the community– this includes families! Delaware Trail Elementary in Brownsburg came up with a great idea to get the students, parents and community involved all in the name of nutrition.

Below is FUTP60’s advisor Sandra Hopkins’ account of how the students were able to lead and execute a successful exercise and healthy lifestyle initiative:

During our fitness months, students were taught the importance of being physically active and proper nutrition through various activities. Students in grades 3-5 were asked to write a persuasive letter to their parent(s) about why it is important to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. Parents were invited to come into their child’s physical education class and play and also learn from the students, why they need to commit to be fit starting that day.

At the end of the class, the students presented their parents with the persuasive letter that they had personally written. The other students took theirs home and gave it it heir parents that night. After this event, several parents shared with me that they have started an exercise program for themselves and also families have joined together to do family workouts together!

By writing their persuasive letters and handing them to their parents, many discussions at home about healthy living have all made this play work!”

Sandra continues to explain who all was involved in the planning process:

“Our teachers helped with the letter writing in class or else had the students finish their letters as part of a homework assignment. A small challenge was finding the time to write the letters, but it all worked out. I would definitely do this again! It was rewarding to hear parents excited about starting a program for themselves and their families.

When you think of something as simple as a letter having such a great impact on the wellness of our children and families, it’s hard to fathom!

We are so proud of the students and teachers and families at Delaware Trail Elementary for their healthy mind set and attention to detail in order to make this play a success!