Sideline Success Series: James Whitcomb Riley, IPS 43

Today’s blog post is the 10th entry in our Fuel Up to Play 60 Sideline Success Series. Fuel Up to Play 60 reaches more than 70% of Indiana schools, and we are honored to share success stories from our dedicated students and advisors!

Has your school requested a Colts Fitness Camp? Did you know that’s even a possibility? Well, it is, and I believe your school should take advantage of the opportunity just like students at Indianapolis Public School, James Whitcomb Riley #43 recently did!

Fuel Up to Play 60 advisor Loretta Harting shared her school’s success with the fitness camp and how one visit from former Colts player (and Super Bowl XXLI Champion) Mike Prior changed the outlook of physical activity for many students. I’ll let Harting’s recap provide today’s details:

The students became inspired from the Colts Fitness Camp. The free weights and jump ropes that the Colts used gave the students some ideas on how they could use jump ropes in other ways for fitness. The students unable to jump developed routines to a couple of songs I used for Zumba and then started using these routines for their warm up before engaging in a various activities in their physical education class.

The students became more engaged in the warm-up because you need to know not only how to jump but how to swing the rope in different ways (figure 8’s, side to side, left to right, etc) and how to jump in place to the rhythm of songs to get a work out. The songs the students used helped them with the warm up and they really enjoyed what they were doing. The warm-up lasted about 4 minutes and their bodies were ready for the activity.

The students started learning different routines and taking the lead. The students switched off being leaders and took turns learning routines in order to teach the warm ups.  Being a leader was a great way to build leadership skills with the students.

The Principal, the Vice Principal and the Superintendent support the Fuel Up Play 60 program. These administrators see the importance and what it can do to improve the health and fitness of our students. In the Urban District, the challenges are getting parental involvement. Many times the parents are not present and students are living with extended families or in foster care meaning many families do not understand the Play 60 Program — educating someone about the program has to take place in our schools.

The fitness camp exposed my students to adults who enjoyed working out other than their Physical Education Teacher. It revealed to them that adults really do care about being fit and eating the right kind of food to keep them healthy.

Harting is correct. There are many different reasons student need to be exposed to the Fuel Up to Play 60 program and our partnerships. We are fortunate to have a relationship with Mike Prior and his team of fitness ambassadors.

Please take advantage of the Colts Fitness Camps, and let us know if we can be assistance with any other Fuel Up to Play 60 questions!

Interested in a Colts Fitness Camp? More details are available here.