Mills Dairy Farm

For the 21st farm in our ongoing June Dairy Month series, allow me to introduce Mills Dairy Farm.

The Mills farm has been in the family since 1934. Paul Mills and his wife, Nicki were married in 1967 and took over the farming operation. Paul and Nicki raised two children on the farm, Tony and Beth.


The Mills family expanded the dairy herd in 1993 bringing their son Tony into the operation. Tony and his wife, Michelle now live on the farm with their three children.


The Mills’s two barns that house the cows were built with convenience and cow comfort in mind. The cows have stalls sized just for them and the barn has curtains that allow a cool breeze in the summer or keep out the cold wind in the winter. Even though the cows have access to an exercise lot, they generally prefer to stay in the comfort of the barn.


Paul has been singing in his church choir for over 40 years and has participated in several local musical productions. Paul and Nicki, enjoy riding their Gold Wing motorcycle. They have traveled to about 40 states on the bike.