Seven Hills Dairy

The next dairy farm in the June Dairy Month line up is a little different–the Sevenhuysen family’s dairy heritage begins across the Atlantic and is now being carried on in beautiful rural northwest Indiana.

Henk and his wife, Linda, own Seven Hills Dairy LLC near Goodland, Indiana. Henk and Linda emigrated in 1996 from the Netherlands. Henk is a fourth generation dairy farmer.


Together the couple own and manage 2,150 cows with 1,950 replacement heifers (young females who will become milk cows when they grow up).


It takes 22 employees who are working hard seven days a week to milk, feed and take care of these cows.


Henk and Linda have two children; Pete and Sharon. Both kids are going to Benton Central High school and if their school and sport schedule allow, they like to give a helping hand wherever needed around the house and farm.


With help of local crop farmers and their own acres they grow enough feed to supply their herd. Alfalfa and corn silage (the whole corn plant will be chopped up and fed to the cows) are the most common crops grown.


A few acres are seeded with rye and sudan grass as well, so the cows have plenty of variety in their diets.


Farm motto: Attitude is everything. It’s another beautiful day in the USA!