Disney Citizen Kid: Jenna Kelsay

Have you heard about America’s Milk Processors’ most recent partnership with Disney? It is called Citizen Kid and focuses on fueling active, successful days by encouraging families to start every day with milk – one 8 ounce glass of which contains 8 grams of protein to help power through the day!

Here at American Dairy Association Indiana Inc. we are super excited about this web series as it celebrates the potential in all kids and the extraordinary things they can accomplish when they embrace their interests and talents. The latest episode stars 10 year-old dairy farmer Jenna Kelsay.  Jenna comes from a long line of dairy farmers – more than six generations – and is committed to making a difference in her community by sharing that tradition.


For the last two years, Jenna has been working to educate other kids about the source of their food and the importance of dairy for powering their potential. As a dairy farmer, she is well aware that an 8 oz. glass of milk contains thirteen essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high-quality protein.


Jenna’s story, and the stories of other Citizen Kids, is part of a larger partnership with Milk Life. Just as Disney’s Citizen Kid is focused on inspiring kids to reach their fullest potential, “Milk Life” is dedicated to wringing every last drop out of every single moment and represents a way of living where milk helps power your potential to do your best.


See Jenna’s story here