Dairy Farmer Gift Guide

Are you struggling this holiday season with choosing a gift for the dairy farmer in your life? Here are my top suggestions.

1. A reliable flashlight


Did you know many dairy farmers are up milking at 3 a.m.? Or may need to go out in the middle of the night to help a cow give birth to a baby calf? A handy flashlight makes a late night trek from the house to the barn a little more pleasant. Extra points if it’s a hands-free head lamp–it’s hard to hold a flashlight while repairing fuses or working on equipment.

2. Some cow apparel

cow necklace

Many dairy farmers enjoy wearing cow print apparel, from hats all the way down to boots. A nice cow necklace, like this one I found from Short and Bald Jewlery on Etsy would serve nicely for the dairy-loving lady in your life. A nice farm-themed tie would be a good choice for a gentleman.

3. A calf jacket


Based on last winter’s polar vortex, dairy farmers should be well stocked up on jackets, hats and scarves, although they could always use a new pair. Did you know they also put (adorable) winter jackets on baby calves? The farmers may be frozen nearly solid, but you can guarantee that the baby calves will be cozy warm. This one is available for sale from CP Feeds.

4. Dairy-themed cookware

milk bottle

How about this milk bottle measuring cup set from Anthropologie? It assembles into a six inch tall ceramic milk bottle, so it can double as measuring cups and decor.

Do you have any ideas for a good gift for a dairy farmer?