Fun at Work Day

Today is National Fun at Work Day! It’s a day to be a little more light-hearted than usual and reward yourself for a year of hard work. I think nearly every day at work should involve at least a little bit of fun–my grandpa once told told he felt sorry for anyone who woke up every day to go to a job they hate, and that attitude definitely stuck with me!

Any day spent on a farm or working with dairy farmers is a pretty fun day for me. I think one reason why it’s easy to have fun at my job is that dairy farmers generally enjoy their work. Now, dairy farming is hard work and long hours, and those who are inclined to be dairy farmers have a true passion for dairy farming that makes every day spent on the farm more rewarding than a day spent anywhere else.

Don’t believe me? Check out these farmers having some fun at work.

 Holiday decorating


The folks over at Jones Robotic Dairy enjoy helping their cows get into the holiday spirit!

Hitting the road


Two of the farm kids over at Kelsay Farms got to show off a baby calf at their local school. Now, THAT’s a great show and tell!

Getting all dolled up


Allie from Kuehnert Dairy Farm (pictured here with her dad, Nathan, and some of the farm’s leading ladies) dresses up as a fairy for a special reading of the adorable book A Fairy in a Dairy.

A game of tag


Some of the young ladies (heifers) over at Homestead Dairy are ready for their close-ups. These curious girls enjoy following people around their pasture.

Working with family


One of the most rewarding things about dairy farming can be working with family members–and with the cows, who are practically family. Many dairy farms are multi-generational with the cows being multi-generational residents as well. At Herr Dairy Farm, cow kisses are always appreciated.