Dairy Farming Ladies

March 8 is International Women’s Day, so to celebrate we’re going to talk about the fastest growing group of farmers–women!  (Below, farm kid Jenna Kelsay of Kelsay Farms sweet talks a cow.)

dairy farm kid

Women, of course, have been living and working on farms for years, sometimes as the hardworking, behind-the-scenes “farm wife” and now, increasingly, more women identify as a “farmer” themselves. “Farm wives” have been milking cows, feeding calves, keeping the account books, feeding everyone, keeping the house, pinching pennies, and basically being the glue holding the family together for generations.

So check out these ladies rolling up their sleeves and getting to work!

LuAnn Calf

LuAnn Troxel of Troxel Dairy Farm is the main calf feeder on her family’s farm.

janny in tractor

Janny Kleine of Kleine Dairy Farm proves she can harvest corn #LikeAGirl.

sam tractor

Sam Schwoeppe of Schwoeppe Dairy Farm proves that you can be both hard core and girly.

anita schmitt

Anita Schmitt of J & A Dairy knows how to balance career and family.

jones dairy

Pam Jones (bottom right) of Jones Robotic Dairy works full-time on the dairy farm with her husband Sammy.

Do you know any hardworking female farmers? Leave a comment to recognize them!