Dairy Farming Easter Traditions

For many, Easter is a family-oriented holiday centered around an early morning church service, a noon meal, an Easter egg hunt in the yard and the dyeing of eggs in the afternoon.

We got to thinking about our own Easter plans and thought, “I wonder what are some of our Indiana dairy farmers are planning for Easter?” So, we asked a few to share their traditions…

Cynthia Adam of Knollbrook Farm in Goshen, Indiana says their family traditions include coloring Easter eggs, going to the Easter Sunday church service, coming home for a big family meal and Easter egg hunt. Plus, Cynthia always makes an old-fashioned sugar cream pie for dessert!

Momma's Sugar Cream Pie

Need a recipe for a sugar cream pie?

Check out this one (pictured above) from our vaults.

ken hoeing

At Hoeing Dairy Farm in Rushville, the family, a few pictured above, typically celebrates Easter with a huge gathering of family. This Sunday, almost 70 family members will gather together for various Easter-themed activities!

And, at Brawner Dairy Farm in Hanover, Indiana, the Brawner family normally gathers for a large meal after church, but this year is a little different.

The Brawners celebrated Easter this past weekend in anticipation of a new grandchild’s scheduled arrival on Easter weekend! What a way to celebrate!

kamille and family-1

The Brawner farm is home to this year’s Indiana Dairy Princess, Kamille Brawner, who is currently studying at Purdue University. (Pictured above are Kamille and her parents, Greg and Teresa)

Of course, across the board, one dairy farming Easter tradition is milking the cows. Cows need milked every day of the year, be it Easter, Christmas, the farmer’s birthday, freezing cold, burning hot, or otherwise.

Why not wash down all that Easter candy with a glass of wholesome, nutritious milk to say thanks to Indiana dairy farmers?