Take Your Kid to Work Day

Today is “Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day”. Founded in 1993 as “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” sons were added to the program in 2003 since boys face similar challenges in deciding a career path.

While this is a great opportunity for those of us in offices to show kids how truly glamorous email inboxes and webinars are, for many farm kids going to work with their parents is a huge part of their upbringing (as the ad below from LaCrosse suggests).


Dairy farming is all about family, and working on the farm with their parents is pretty normal for most farm kids. Many Indiana dairy farmers grew up on multi-generational farms where farming was a job, a career, a lifestyle, and a passion all rolled into one.

hayden hein and cow

Hayden Hein of EJ Dairies in in Crown Point clearly has dairy farming in his blood.


At Estes Dairy Farm in Fountaintown, parents Kerry and Christiana bring their four kids to work a lot–this family farm has no outside employees. Above, Kerry and youngest son Jason (aka Waynie).

sons with calves

Waynie Estes and older brother Damen feeding calves.


Older sister Laura Estes and younger sister Kylie take a break from work. Laura is a part-time cat whisperer, but a full-time calf feeder.



Jenna Kelsay of Kelsay Farms in Whiteland likes playing with the baby calves. Her younger siblings Josie and Jack and her cousin Rhett also enjoy working and playing on the farm.


Allie Kuehnert and mom Sarah of Kuehnert Dairy Farm in Fort Wayne likes feeding baby calves. Allie’s little brother Bryar is also a good hand around the farm.

What lessons do you think kids learn from helping out around the farm?