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We’re continuing our celebration of #30DaysofDairy with a new delicious recipe every day during National Dairy Month. Today’s recipe is a nutrient-powerhouse: Fruit and Oatmeal Smoothie!

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Fruit & Oatmeal Smoothie


½ cup rolled oats
1 cup fat-free milk (traditional or lactose-free)
½ banana, 6″ ripe
¼ cup strawberries, fresh or frozen
¾ cup vanilla kefir
3 ice cubs
1 strawberry, fresh (optional for garnish)
Combine oats and milk in saucepan; simmer for 5 minutes or until oats have absorbed a majority of the milk. Oatmeal will yield 1 cup. Let Cool.
In a blender, combine cooked oatmeal, banana, ¼ cup strawberries, kefir, and ice cubes. Blend until smooth.
Serve immediately with strawberry garnish if desired.