Happy 100th National Dairy Council #NDC100

It’s National Dairy Council’s (NDC) centennial! NDC was founded by America’s dairy farmers 100 years ago. NDC was founded on the groundbreaking research of Dr. E.V. McCollum, who first made the scientific connection between dairy foods and good health. Dr. McCollum’s insights provided a reason to fortify milk with vitamin D.National-Dairy-Council-Filled-or-Fed


Since then, they’ve been grounded in science to help pioneer new programs, provide nutrition education, spearhead groundbreaking research, and maintain an unwavering dedication to fostering healthy products, healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet. NDC has spent a century bringing to life the dairy community’s vision of a healthy and sustainable world… and we’ve only just begun.


Many great health and wellness programs were developed by NDC over the years but the Fuel Up To Play 60 in school wellness program, co-developed with the NFL, really shows their commitment to help children develop healthy eating and physical activity habits as youth. These programs and research impact a variety of people including the public, health professionals, children, and more. A few wanted to congratulate NDC on 100 years…

Hanna Kelly, Registered Dietitian and Executive Director of the Indiana Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics:

“100 years is an incredible milestone and a testament to the innovative thinkers of the day. National Dairy Council is a wonderful resource for Registered Dietitians like myself, and an engaged community partner in promotion of health and wellness. Congratulations and here’s to 100 more.”

Deb Osza, General Manager for American Dairy Association Indiana:

National-Dairy-Council-2-203x300“NDC is celebrating its centennial.  I have great pride and thankfulness for the dairy farmers who saw a need for nutrition education and research one hundred years ago and acted upon that need by creating the National Dairy Council.  Throughout the last century, countless pieces of gold standard research, funded by dairy farmers, have added to our knowledge and understanding of nutrition and helped all of us lead healthier lives.  Dairy farmers continue to believe in the importance of nutrition research and education.  To them I say thank you.”

DeDe Hausmann, retired employee of American Dairy Association:

“I loved working with and for hard-working Indiana dairy farm families who care not only about producing healthy dairy products but also care about “the girls” and their environment.  Dairy cows have to be treated well to produce nutritious dairy products and our dairy farmers realize that!  Visits to dairy farms were the special highlights of my job.  I am retired now but you can bet that dairy products are always on my grocery list and I still make sure to have my 3 servings of dairy everyday! Congrats again NDC and may you continue your excellent work for many more years to come!”

As we move into the next century, NDC will maintain our core and expand to help better connect people to where food comes from via a farm to table and table to farm effort that focuses on the intersection of agriculture, nutrition and sustainability. NDC also will enhance our culinary approaches to help people make meaningful changes to their eating and lifestyle habits.