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Here’s the setting:  You just finished your hamburgers/hot dogs roasted over the campfire.  Clean up is done, and you’re watching the few remaining fireflies rise up on their nightly journey.  The fire is mostly glowing embers, with a few small flames rearing up every so often.  No one is tired just yet, so what is it time for?  S’mores!  Break out the marshmallows and graham crackers!  And please, don’t forget the chocolate bars!

The S’more has been with us since at least the 1920’s.  The first published recipe is thought to be in the 1927 Girl Scout Handbook, which seemed to spread their popularity from the campgrounds to back yards.  Its simplicity didn’t hurt either!  In case you don’t know, a s’more is made by placing a square of chocolate on a graham cracker; you toast a marshmallow, and while it’s hot, put it on top of the chocolate, and then cover it with another graham cracker – a chocolate marshmallow sandwich!Smores-stack-300x167

While the good old original recipe will always be the standard, people have gotten very creative over the years with variations and enhancements. When I was little, one of my best friend’s parents often cooked Smore-Shakes-from-the-Dairy-Bar-230x300out in their back yard, and these meals often ended with S’mores; I was fortunate to be a frequent guest J.  They were more adventurous than my family, so there were times our S’mores were made with peanut butter cups in place of chocolate bars.  Those were tasty!  There was another time we used saltine crackers since they were out of graham crackers, and they were surprisingly good.  We were on to that sweet-n-salty thing before it was a thing!  I ran across these easy (and tasty) hacks for the traditional S’more.   Be sure to check out the last one – Brie S’mores. I’m gonna have to try that one!

The way I plan to celebrate National S’more Day (August 10th) is with the new S’more milkshake from the Dairy Bar at the Indiana State Fair.  Doesn’t that sound like a yummy way to both celebrate and keep cool?  The shake mix was created by our friends at Prairie Farms, and you can definitely taste the graham crackers and roasted marshmallows!  You can celebrate all during the fair yourself.  Stop by the Dairy Bar for a S’more Milk Shake – only $3, unless it’s $2 Tuesday!