Santa Delivers and YOU Can, Too!


As a child, one of my fondest memories was setting out a cold glass of milk with the homemade cookies I made for Santa; however, not all children can grow up with this memory.

Milk is as amazing as Santa!

Santa delivers presents, and milk delivers a packaged present, too!  The nutrient package in milk lasts a lot longer than battery powered toys, and milk provides children the energy they need to enjoy the entire holiday season!

During our shopping and planning of the holiday season, it is always great to grab a protein snack or a glass of milk as we finish our lists; however, for some Hoosiers and 1 in 6 children , this is not a reality!  Yes, the food banks have been generously filled with canned and dry goods from donations, but the one donation many Hoosiers may not think of is milk!

After your lists have been checked twice and the grocery shopping has been written, give a gift that doesn’t need wrapped, but is highly desired and often requested at local food pantries… a gallon of milk!

Help Hoosiers receive what they asked Santa for this year won’t you?