Fort Wayne Farm Show

What do farmers do in the winter? Well, not even crop farmers get the whole winter off to just relax and watch Andy Griffith re-runs, but at least since no one is planting, harvesting, or working their fields, the winter is seemingly the best time to have farmer meetings.

In early January most of our office trooped up to the Fort Wayne Farm Show to throw a dairy farmer luncheon. The Fort Wayne Farm Show has tons of booths where you can scout out new farm equipment, resources available to farmers, buy seed, buy fertilizer, buy pretty much whatever you need for your farm. The Farm Show is also always held on days when Indiana is masquerading as an arctic tundra, so it gets great attendance from all the folks who realize if they stayed home they’d have to be outside working in near-zero temperatures. Of course, dairy farmers have to milk before the show and run home to milk in the afternoon, but those guys and gals are tough!

fwfs photo 2016

We had great attendance this year–nearly 200 dairy farmers came out to gather, socialize, and learn a little bit about what we do at the dairy association.

This is our fourth annual Fort Wayne Farm Show Dairy Farmer Luncheon and we are hoping to continue the tradition for years to come!