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Are you kidding me? It’s chocolate cake day?  You have my attention because I LOVE cake.  What an excellent occasion to celebrate.chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream

I say there is NOTHIN’ like a piece of rich moist chocolate cake and a cold glass of milk or vanilla ice cream.  Oh my!
chocolate cake and milk

Many people love chocolate cake. There is even a children’s book titled “Betty Bunny loves chocolate cake” by Michael Kaplan

Betty Bunny loves chocolate cake

They say chocolate cake is the most popular flavor, but why do we love chocolate cake?  Mention it to most women and wait for their reaction.

Do we crave it because it’s got that stuff that makes you feel good in it, ya know Tryptophan?  Google that one guys…makes a women giddy.

choc cake and ice cream with strawberry

I could give you a bunch of scientific reasons why chocolate cake is so good or I could give you a great recipe, or I could even give you the history behind chocolate cake that goes back to 1764.  However, information is everywhere; what would be more fun to celebrate, aside from enjoying chocolate cake and milk of course…is to play a game!  I’ll tell ya about the game in a minute.

So in preparation for this day, I made 5 cakes within four days.  I tried different things with each cake to discover the magic for a moist cake.  I mean, if you are gonna have chocolate cake it should be moist right?  Dry cake is no pleasure to your pallet!  So here are some things I learned in making all these cakes.  (By the way, I am pretty loved at my house right now for doing this.  If you are in the dog house with someone, take them a chocolate cake and a gallon of milk to make peace)

chocolate cake close up

Tips for a moist cake

Tip number 1 – Don’t over bake for cryin’ out loud! – Take it out of the oven prior to the tooth pick test being totally clean, you don’t want gooey residue on the tooth pick either, but maybe just a few pieces of cake stuck to it.  That might be about 5 minutes early. When time gets near check it, check it, check it!

Tip number 2— Don’t over mix! This can make it dry as well.  Has something to do with the flour.  (I’m not a chemist, but this was true for me.)

chocolate cake batter picture

Tip number 3 — Use milk instead of water- I have a friend that makes cakes on the side.  Everyone loves her cakes.  So I asked her what makes her cakes so moist and she says she uses milk when it calls for water.

And finally tip number 4—   If you are making the cake ahead of time, freeze the cake but when you do, don’t wait for it to cool down, that is key.  Wrap in in several layers of plastic wrap and freeze.  When you thaw, leave it in the wrap.  I did this with a few cakes and it stayed nice and moist as opposed to when I let the cake cool all the way before freezing.

Okay, now for the game.   We are going to “re-create” song titles using chocolate cake in the title.  I used country music songs.  You can use any song genre, just eat cake, drink milk and make music titles!

So my list is below.  Can you guess what artist the song titles were inspired by?

Top 10 Country “chocolate cake songs”

  1. Somethin ‘bout a Truck, Chocolate Cake and a Glass of Milk
  2. Die a happy man, eating chocolate cake and ice cream
  3. Live Forever, eating chocolate cake and a glass of milk
  4. Buy me a boat and some chocolate cake with a glass of milk
  5. Break up with him, and eat chocolate cake and drink milk
  6. I’m Comin over, to eat chocolate cake and ice cream
  7. John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16, Chocolate Cake and Ice cream
  8. Save, the chocolate cake, for a Rainy Day
  9. Nothing like you, chocolate cake and a glass of milk
  10. Loving you Easy, chocolate cake and ice cream

Did you guess all ten artist?  Now your turn!  Send us your favorite songs with chocolate cake in the title and don’t forget the glass of milk…it makes it go down smooth!

So I will leave you with a quote from the ever so classy Audrey Hepburn “Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.

Don’t forget the milk!