Are Dairy Farms Inspected?

Did you know dairy farmers are inspected several times each year? It’s true!

Dairy farmers have to meet the standards of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance in order to stay in business. The rules of the “PMO” are enforced, here in Indiana, by the State Board of Animal Health.


(pictured: State Veterinarian Dr. Marsh and Board of Animal Health Dairy Division Director Doug Metcalf. Photo by BOAH)

The Board of Animal Health’s dairy division inspectors visit all the dairy farms in Indiana and all the dairy bottling and processing plants multiple times each year. The inspectors look to make sure everything is clean, the milk is being kept cool, all the equipment is working properly, and that all rigorous food safety requirements are being met.

If a dairy farm doesn’t pass inspection, they can be “delisted” and not allowed to sell any milk.

In addition to inspecting farms, BOAH also inspects processing plants. The plants have very strict requirements to keep the milk and dairy products safe and wholesome.

boah plants

Any violations of the rules by plants can be very expensive for the companies running the plant, so the incentive to stay on top of sanitation is high. Above is a list of the some national and regional brands who have dairy plants in Indiana.

Farms are inspected not just here in Indiana, but all around the country. Check out this post from an Ohio dairy farmer on their milk inspection process.