Chocolate Milk For Recovery? Really??

It’s kick off season for the many athletic events we will enjoy this summer and it seems every weekend is filled with a Family Fun Run, 5K, Mini Marathon or maybe a Triathalon! Did you run/walk at the Indy Mini Marathon or 5K last weekend? Did you stop by and get your pint of chocolate milk after the race?

After an intense work out, it’s a good idea to think about how to refuel properly. Rumor has it, chocolate milk does that. So is it true? Absolutely. Here’s what you need to know.

Goals for recovering after exercise (in a nutshell) include:

  • Re-hydration and restoring electrolytes
  • Repairing muscle tissue through protein
  • Replacing energy stores through carbohydrates

Refuel graphic

Appropriate beverages and snacks/meals after a race or workout should meet those goals and ideally are quick and easy to access. Sports drinks are often a first thought for refueling, however they typically only provide fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrate in the form of added sugars. High quality protein is not always included, although science clearly shows the need for it to rebuild muscles. A more nutrient dense option is available in the form of chocolate milk. Yes, I said chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk provides not only the necessary fluid replenishment and electrolytes, but also carbohydrate and much needed protein to assist with repair of muscle tissue. Additionally milk provides Calcium, Vitamin D, multiple B Vitamins, Vitamins A and C. It’s nature’s sports drink! So why chocolate milk? While white milk also offers fluids, protein and natural carbohydrate, it’s that little bit of chocolate that gives you the additional carbohydrate boost needed with fewer added sugars than most sports drinks. Plus- it tastes amazing!

For further information on refueling after your workout see: or

Running the Geist Half Marathon May 21st? Stop by and pick up your pint of chocolate milk!