Wea Ridge Middle School Color Run

During a calendar year, I am lucky enough to visit 17 Fuel Up to Play 60 school events. Day in and day out, I never know what the weather will bring, what the event will be, and/or what my role will become once I arrive. More times than not, I am solely there to observe the great things Fuel Up to Play 60 programs, all over the state, are delivering to their students, schools and communities.

Last Friday, when I made my way up to Lafayette, I had a Color Run on my agenda, and boy was the weather perfect for their event! Color Run

Over 160 middle school students purchased their white “Husky Hustle” t-shirts the week of the event, and lined up behind a balloon arch anticipating the colorful mile run about to occur!

Side note: The teachers were almost more excited than the students as they were the ones exploding color into the air.

After the mile run concluded and the students ran through the finish line, Ms. Okeley provided smoothies for all the students. We have provided the recipe below in case you’re looking for a refreshing smoothie on these spring-like days.Color Run Winners IMG_4582

How fun is this backdrop? The colorful students took turns posing in the “Winners Circle,” and I may have taken a quick snap, too– though my only energy exertion was sipping a smoothie.IMG_4583 IMG_4584

We are always so proud of these Fuel Up to Play 60 schools, and I always look forward to where the road leads me next…[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:231]