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By: Tessa Miller, Girl Scout Junior, Troop #03175

Do you like Girl Scout Cookies? I Do! I sell cookies every year to customers craving our cookies and enjoy hearing them say how much they love them. That isn’t the only reason I sell though. I also sell cookies to go on amazing trips with my troop, to earn top rewards, to donate cookies to soldiers, to donate gift packages to different groups, and to push myself to reach new goals.DSC_0284

This past year was my best yet! I was super proud of myself for selling 3,000 packages. I love seeing the reaction from people when I tell them I did it; they are always amazed. In my five years of Girl Scouts I’ve never sold less than 1,000 packages a year. My running total for those five years is 8,000 packages! I wouldn’t have been able to make that high of a goal if it weren’t for my wonderful mom running me all over to sell cookies and giving up her time to sit with me. She works two jobs and still finds time to do this for me year after year.

When it comes to cookie flavors, my mom and I share mostly the same likes and dislikes. We both love to dip our cookies, especially Thin Mints, in delicious milk. They taste so good together. Also, we need to be strong and healthy to tote all the cookies in and out of stores and milk helps make us strong.

I set last year’s goal at 2,000 packages at first to earn a trip to Florida, because I wanted to see Winter and Hope from Dolphin Tale. I hit that goal with 10 days of sales left and decided to challenge myself to sell 1,000 more to reach 3,000 packages! I wanted to earn the title of top cookie seller in central Indiana.

I spent more than 130 hours in six weeks traveling all over, sometimes an hour away, to sell cookies at different booths. I spent every possible free hour selling cookies, sometimes 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. On top of all the time spent at booths, I am also a competitive dancer and had to work my booths around my dance classes and competitions. There was one night at a competition that we could participate in a fun hip hop bonus class and I chose to go sell cookies instead! I’ve had to make many decisions on doing a fun activity with friends or going to sell and almost every time I chose to sell. You have to be very dedicated to reach high sales and willing to spend lots of time doing it.DSC_0292

I have learned so many techniques and manners through my five years of sales! My mom takes me to the cookie booths and helps me run them, but she has taught me since my first year that I have to get sales by talking to customers; she won’t ask them for me. I have learned that if I don’t ask they move right along, but if I ask and talk to them I can get extra sales.

Through my hard work, I hit my goal of 3,000 packages and earned that trip to Florida. I got to see Winter and Hope, visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, go snorkeling, try surfing for the first time, and lots of other fun adventures with my new Girl Scout friends. I also got to ride in an airplane for the first time, and I loved it!

I also got to have a photo shoot for selling 3,000 packages! Having my picture as the cover of the Girl Scout program guide was amazing. I had so many other Girl Scout friends and family say they saw me on a “magazine.” I felt like an inspiration when girls would mention this and ask how I ever sold that many!

I have had so many customers tell me that I’m going to make an awesome saleswoman someday, but I keep telling them I want to be an ER doctor. They say “that would be awesome, but I think you should go into the sales business!”

Now on to this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program – the 100th year of Girl Scouts selling cookies! So who’s ready to help us girls reach our goals and celebrate our anniversary? I know I’m ready to sell cookies and to push myself to my goal of 2,000 this year!