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We’re halfway through National Nutrition Month®! To maintain momentum, we reached out and asked Hoosier dietitians how they put their “best fork forward” daily.


How do you maintain healthy eating habits, putting your “best fork forward” all year?

Angie headshotLife is about balance! Every day I focus on including foods from all the food groups in my meals and snacks.  I choose to fuel myself with nutrient-rich foods like fruits and veggies, whole grains and dairy.  I “Put My Best Fork Forward” in this way so I can also include fun foods like chocolate.  That’s because life – and food – are meant to be enjoyed!

 Angie Frost RD, CD Purdue Extension 4-H – Healthy Living Specialist


headshotThe way I strive to put ‘my best fork forward’ is through setting positive examples through my own daily habits for my children and the students I teach. You never know how your actions could be inspiring someone else. Healthy habits such as daily workouts and packing healthy lunches are some of the small ways I strive to practice what I preach.

Beth A. Young, MA, RD, CSSD, CD Instructor, University of Southern Indiana


amanda kruseFood should be celebrated & enjoyed, not feared. I put my best fork forward by enjoying the foods I love & making sure I include foods from every food group each day. I also make time for activities that make me happy, like volunteering & practicing yoga. Fun fact: I can’t remember the last day I went without peanut butter, string cheese, or fruit.”

Amanda Kruse RD, CD K-12 Foodservice Operations Mgr, Pres.-elect, IN Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics


Portrait of Samantha Schaefer, staff at Healthy IU.As a Registered Dietitian and working mom of two, I really value family meal time! With work and all the crazy schedules and activities of a family, it is a positive thing to prioritize at home. It is enriching to be able to teach basic cooking skills to our little ones, expose them to new foods, provide a balanced plate, and especially enjoy the time with each other. It can vary from throwing something quick together, having leftovers, or having that extra time to try a new recipe – it’s special beyond just what is on the table.”

Samantha Schaefer MS, RD, CD Manager, Healthy IU


What are your favorite ways to incorporate healthy foods every day?


michelle bojrabThe way I like to put ‘my best fork forward’ is by being adventurous in the kitchen and experimenting with healthier ingredients. Boost the nutritive value of a baked good by adding pumpkin, grated carrots, or sweet potato puree. Not only does it heighten nutrition, but it moistens and adds flavor to a recipe, making it extra delectable!

Michelle Bojrab, MS, RDN, CD Community Outreach Dietitian, Parkview Health


Christy TunnellMy favorite way to put ‘my best fork forward’ is to make soups.  Contrary to popular belief, you can enjoy soup year ‘round.  Grow your own produce or visit your local Farmers Market.  Pick up any vegetables that strike your fancy, bring ‘em home, chop ‘em up, and simmer.  You can add spices, chicken, ground turkey, and viola…a delicious, fresh, and easy homemade dinner (and delicious leftovers, too)!

 Christy Tunnell, MBA, RD, CD Ball State University


Laura HNT IndyStarHow I put ‘my best fork forward’ is to make vegetables easy. I pick frozen steamable vegetables or already cut up vegetables from the produce section to make sure I get in my veggies on busy weeknights. Frozen vegetables are great for an easy side or as a snack.

 Laura Paulsen, MS, RD, CD Health and Nutrition Technology


 How do you (or can we) make sure we get our three servings of dairy per day?


Kimberli Pike, FCSDrink milk after workouts and help your muscles out! During exercise, we actually tear our tissues down before rebuilding them stronger through recovery. Leucine, an amino acid that is found in milk, is the best building block to rebuild our muscles.”

 Kimberli Pike, MS, RD, CSSD Board Certified Sports Dietitian, Ball State University


rachel noirotMy favorite way to put ‘my best fork forward’ is to add plain Greek yogurt to my meals (smoothies, pancakes, veg dip)’! I enjoy running each day, so the extra protein in it helps me stay full between meals. The calcium in it helps me reach my daily calcium needs, as I eat a lot of fruit and nuts, which aren’t as high in that nutrient. The good bacteria it has helps me get sick a lot less too!

 Rachel Noirot, M.S., R.D., C.D RPS Dining Services, Indiana University Bloomington

08_11_15_McInerney_Mark-10-LYes, it is true, sometimes eating at a fast-food restaurant is necessary for survival.  When doing so, I try to put ‘my best fork forward’ by selecting a 6oz. yogurt and/or fruit as my side items.  This is a small substitution, but it helps ensure I am receiving a serving of dairy and fruit with my meal. “

 Mark McInerney, DHSc., RD Assistant Professor, Indiana State University


Christina-Ferroli-headshotMy favorite pairing with dairy is dark chocolate.  My ‘MyPlate Win’ combination is enjoying yogurt with rich dark chocolate and a dash of cinnamon, getting my vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in a decadent treat.

 Christina Ferroli, PhD, RDN, FAND Extension Educator, Purdue Extension-Marion County, President, IN Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


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