Farm to Table – Part Three

Editor’s Note: this is the third installment in our eight-part “Farm to Table” series. The Morrison family is a fictional dairy farm family. Join us as we follow their adventures in “Farm to Table!”

Part Three: Race Time!

April 11th, 2017

I remember the first time I had chocolate milk. I was maybe two and running around in the kitchen. My Mom was snapping photos and exclaiming that I’d be a fantastic runner someday! She then handed me my Dora the Explorer sippy cup (I was a huge fan at one point). I guzzled the contents and… well, I really don’t have words. I remember the flavor and wanting to drink it as often as I could. Guess I am my Dad’s daughter or something. LOL.

What I didn’t know at the time was that chocolate milk would become an integral part of my life.

My Mom and Dad say I started doing sprints up and down our gravel-covered driveway soon after I fell in love with chocolate milk. In elementary school, I had a growth spurt and those sprints soon turned into runs along the back country roads near our farm. Olympic Day was always my favorite day in elementary school. I’d snag the blue ribbon in the 75-yard dash and then grab some chocolate milk. I started to think of chocolate milk as a trophy of sorts.

What I have learned is that chocolate milk isn’t just a treat. It’s actually super healthy for you, too. It’s hydrating (yes really) and provides electrolytes, carbs, and protein to repair muscle tissue. I was so excited when I found out my favorite drink could be a part of my post-race recovery ritual for life!

Also, the chocolate gives you an additional carbohydrate boost with fewer added sugars than sports drinks. I mean, why wouldn’t I want something that my own family helps to produce that will rebuild my sore muscles? It’s a no-brainer!

Earlier today, I hustled down the road from the farm for several miles. iPod strapped to my arm, shades covering my eyes, and plenty of sun block to avoid that early spring sunburn. It was just after the afternoon milkings and my parents were prepping for dinner. My brother Jack was doing homework when I left. I have some to do, but it could wait. I simply had to get my run in before the sun set.

Sometimes, our dog Olaf comes with. Today, he wasn’t having it. That’s okay﹘I kind-of prefer to run on my own when the weather is this perfect.

I’m a varsity cross-country runner, and now my parents are letting me run the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon for the first time! I’ve been training super-hard, but my parents keep a hefty supply of replenishing chocolate milk on-hand for when I arrive home.

Much like the Indy 500 itself, nothing will be as amazing as the milk at the end of my first Mini-Marathon! Winners truly do drink milk!

Wish me luck, k?

Check back for Part Four, where my brother Jack will tell you about gearing up to see the Greatest Spectacle in Racing!

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