Farm to Table – Part Six

Editor’s Note: This is the sixth installment in our “Farm to Table” series. The Morrison family is a fictional dairy farm family. Join us as we follow their adventures in “Farm to Table!” In our latest edition, we’ll spend a day with Olaf, the Morrison’s loyal family dog.

Part Six:

Sleeping 14 hours a day is a rough job, but someone has to do it, right? Right?

Hi! My name is Olaf. I’m the Morrison family dog, a.k.a. the farm dog. I’m something called an Australian cattle dog. It sounds like a cool title.

I have a pretty good thing going with the Morrisons. While they’re hard at work keeping the farm running, I have my own rigorous schedule I need to keep. When Dad goes to the barn in the wee hours of the morning, I’m sleeping. I sometimes will open an eye for a second, but I sure don’t want him to see-he might make me go help! 3:30 AM is way too early for anything like that!

So, you’re probably wondering what my job is on the farm. Besides being super adorable, I help out plenty. I help the farmers move the herd. I know it sounds easy, but it’s so hard because the cows are so slow. I mean, I’ve heard of herding cats, but this is ridiculous. However, the Morrisons seem happy when I help the cows reach their destination. I must be doing something right!

The milk truck comes for their pick up and it’s so loud. It always seems to happen right when I’m about to fall asleep again! This is when I spring into action as the farm security manager! It’s my job to let everyone (and I mean everyone) know when someone is rolling up the driveway. I bark loudly when someone new comes to the farm.  Everyone seems really appreciative of my services and I’m considering trying to contract out to those guys down the road! I bet they’d love me.

In the summer, after everyone is up, I wander across the driveway to the doorstep of the barn office. With the awning, it is a cool place to take a nap.

After my nap, I follow Dad around while he works. Mom and Alyssa come by. Alyssa snags me on a leash. I think we’re going for a run?  She is so fast and it’s so warm out! I realize she’s just a pup, but man does she give me a workout. Also, there’s so many things to smell and look at, not to mention rolling in the grass. She’s totally missing out by running in a straight line!

The Morrisons adopted me when I was a teeny pup from a nearby rescue. I used to have to share space with dozens of others pups who needed homes. I loved my brothers and sisters a lot, but the Morrisons changed my life. They came to the rescue five years ago and picked me out of all the other puppies. The rescue had named me Olaf because the owners had relatives from this place called Sweden. The name just stuck.

Nowadays, I’ll follow the Morrisons around as they care and manage the farm, all while having staredowns with the cows. I guess we’re friends? Not sure.

Occasionally, I’ll sneak into the barn when it’s especially hot. That’s because the cows have a series of fans and misters to help keep cool. I need that as well. Most of the time, the cows don’t notice I’m sneaking in for a bit.

If I’m really good, my Mom will give me a treat after dinner. She also throws me in this terrible tub and sprays water on me, whilst scolding me for “rolling in the hay.” Why the heck is she so upset?!?

For a dog’s life, I think I have it pretty darned good!

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