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Recently, we asked Fuel Up to Play 60 supporters, “When it comes to dairy items, for what are you most grateful?”

We expected a basic answer in return, but some of the responses were SO heartfelt, we thought it was only right to make a blog series.

This is the third blog is our series as we couldn’t help but showcase some of our favorites. Please enjoy and feel free to share what you’re grateful for using #WinnersDrinkMilk and we’ll re-tweet your submission!

  • I am most thankful for a few different dairy items:
    Milk – I have this every morning with my coffee
    Yogurt – Great way to start the day off with this amazing dairy product
    Cheese – I have some sort of cheese everyday in my diet whether it is for lunch or dinner -Andy
  • I am most thankful for greek yogurt- as a vegetarian, I use this for my overnight oats, as a replacement for sour cream and just enjoy for a snack.  I usually have at least one serving a day.  I also recommend this to my weight loss patients as a healthy calcium rich, adequate protein snack! -Mandy
  • The delicious dairy item I am most thankful for is plain old white milk. I have it with peanut butter toast, with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and most importantly, with cookies! -Bryan
  • Milk!! Without it my mashed potatoes wouldn’t be creamy, without it my tan coffee would be black, and without a tall glass of milk my oreos would stay crunchy! I love milk! -Amy