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Recently, we asked Fuel Up to Play 60 supporters, “When it comes to dairy items, for what are you most grateful?”

We expected a basic answer in return, but some of the responses were SO heartfelt, we thought it was only right to make a blog series.

This is the fourth blog in our series as we could not help but showcase some of our favorites. Please enjoy and feel free to share what you’re grateful for using #WinnersDrinkMilk and we’ll re-tweet your submission!

  • Here at Bailly Elementary school in Chesterton, Indiana we are grateful for yogurt. We can make a variety of things with yogurt that the kids love. We will make yogurt parfaits in the mornings for our students. The children enjoy having many different toppings including strawberries, blueberries, and granola. We also will serve up fun smoothies to our students. They get the biggest smile on their faces when we surprise them in the morning with this fun item.  Some kids request small cups of yogurt to dip their fruit in. I am told the grapes and apples are especially good with the vanilla yogurt. -Lisa
  • I wanted to share that our family is most grateful for yogurt! Our family of 5 has enjoyed a variety of yogurt flavors and brands for many years! My daughter, who is a swimmer, eats one every day to give her the calcium and protein her body needs as a growing teenager and athlete! Go Dairy Farmers and Go Colts! -Brian

  • I am thankful for whipped cream on pumpkin pie.  Not the “fake” topping stuff, but the real thing!  Sometimes, we even make our own homemade from dairy whipping cream – pretty easy!  I also love low fat milk on my cereal every morning. -Leisa