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Recently, we asked Fuel Up to Play 60 supporters, “When it comes to dairy items, for what are you most grateful?”

We expected a basic answer in return, but some of the responses were SO heartfelt, we thought it was only right to make a blog series.

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll post a few blogs showcasing some of our favorites. Please enjoy and feel free to share what you’re grateful for using #WinnersDrinkMilk and we’ll re-tweet your submission!

  • Cheese and specifically mac ‘n cheese.   My grown children ask for my mac and cheese when they visit, not anything else.  – Janice
  • Moo! Scrumptious ice cream is my all-time dairy product in which I am thankful.  I like ice cream so much, that I worked in an ice cream shop for my summer job.  – Kay
  • I’m thankful for yogurt and the health benefits make it an even sweeter treat! -Donna
  • I am most thankful to the dairy farmers for the delicious milk. You can never get tired of milk. There is white, chocolate and strawberry and even vanilla milk. And all these favors can come different ways you have  skim, 1% ,2% and even whole milk and you can even get buttermilk too. No matter who you are there is a milk for you. Thank you dairy farmers. -Brenda