#ScaryGoodDairy Contest

Fall is finally here, and Halloween decorations are popping up at a frightening rate! For those of you who incorporate dairy in your terrifying Halloween treats, we invite you to participate in our Scary Good Dairy contest! Look below for some sample recipes!

If you don’t have a recipe of your own to make, but you’ve found a recipe you really like, share it with us using the #ScaryGoodDairy hashtag!

The rules are simple:

1. Use dairy in one of your favorite creepy kitchen creations (some examples are below!)

2. Submit the recipe using the form on this page by October 21

3. Share your recipe on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtag #ScaryGoodDairy

4. On October 26, 8 finalists will appear on the contest page, from whom a grand prize winner will be chosen to receive a $100 Amazon gift card! The grand prize winner will be announced on October 31.

Submit Your Recipe

Scary Good Dairy Example Recipes