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American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc. (ADAI) is a not-for-profit promotion, communication and nutrition education organization funded by and serving Indiana dairy farm families.

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Fuel Up empowers youth to take action to improve nutrition and physical activity at their school and for their own health and wellness.

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Our Winners Drink Milk marketing programs and various services reach Hoosiers through social, print and radio media, special promotions and events.

Sustainable Nutrition

A standard 8-oz. serving of milk provides excellent sources of thirteen essential nutrients, making it one of the most nutrient-dense foods. This means it provides a high level of essential nutrients compared to its calories. In fact, each serving of milk provides 8 grams or more of the recommended daily intake for calcium, Vitamin D (if fortified), protein, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, riboflavin and phosphorus.


Blackened fish tostados

Are you looking for a delicious dish with a flair of spice? Blackened Fish Tostados make a tasty treat for your next backyard fiesta.

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Farm life

Indiana is home to more than 800 dairy farms of all shapes and sizes that together provide a home for over 174,000 dairy cows. The average farm has 140 cows and over 97 percent of dairy farms here and around the country are family owned.

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