Supporting youth health and wellness in schools throughout the state is a priority for the American Dairy Association Indiana. We are proud to partner with educators, dietitians, students and the community to help foster a healthy learning environment. Afterall, studies show that good nutrition and physical activity are crucial to student success.

Our team and resources are here to support your school’s efforts from access to healthy foods, dairy nutrition education and resources to for your school district.


The key to Fuel Up’s success is ensuring educators, students, partners and the community all work together to make impactful changes happen. Is your school ready to Fuel Greatness?

Thanks in part to anaerobic digesters, more dairy farmers are turning cow manure into something we can all use.

Anaerobic digesters are just one of the ways dairy farms contribute to healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

Funding is available throughout the year to support your school’s efforts to provide nutritious foods (that include milk, cheese and yogurt) for your students.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the cafeteria is the heart of the school. We are passionate about providing great nutrition to students and we know you are, too!

Every day, schools offer at least two meals to students– breakfast and lunch. Milk, cheese and yogurt contribute important nutrients to the school meal programs.


Indiana dairy farmers are proud to provide educators with resources including handouts, downloads and curriculum.

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