Indiana is home to more than 800 dairy farms of all shapes and sizes that together provide a home for over 189,000 dairy cows. The average farm has 150 cows and over 97 percent of dairy farms in Indiana are family owned.

Many Indiana dairy farms are multi-generational, with family all working together to make sure the cows are happy and comfortable.

Did you know dairy farmers work with nutritionists and veterinarians to make sure their cows are getting a balanced diet and are healthy?

If you have questions about dairy farming, we have answers. We address everything from environmental care to milk quality and safety.

Dairy cow care is one of the most important parts of production, and farmers are constantly discovering new ways to help their cows stay healthy and comfortable.

Did you ever wonder how milk turns into the dairy foods we love? Follow the journey from the dairy farm to processing and on to your nearby supermarkets and grocers.

Farm families are committed to responsible production, which means a fresher product at your table and even more delicious dairy for generations to come.

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Our LIVE virtual farm tours connect you directly to a real Indiana dairy farm for a live video tour and chat with a farmer, from the comfort of your own classroom.