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  • worm food   Become a Food Waste Warrior…with Worms?!

    Dairy Farmers are proud stewards of the the Earth, taking care of their cows and the land that feeds us all every day. We’ve talked about all of the creative ways they work to provide wholesome, nutritious foods like milk, cheese and yogurt, while using less land and water and maintaining cow comfort. But how can..

  • 30224103_1223118691152773_915537234_o   New Cow on Campus

    by Erin Will, Dairy Ambassador April snow showers may not bring May flowers, but thankfully they do bring dairy cows onto the Purdue campus! The Purdue Dairy club kickstarted Purdue’s Ag Week with their Milk Monday festivities. Baby calves and a Brown Swiss cow (who was a little bummed she couldn’t take a ride on..

  • earth day   What is a Plant Based Diet?

    As a culture, we have become increasingly more concerned about where our food comes from, our health and the health of our planet. Rightfully so, given it’s the only one we’ve got. So it’s no wonder questions about and references to plant based diets have become more common. More so perhaps as we look to celebrate Earth Day,..

  • lemon yogurt cheesecake bar   Lemon Yogurt Cheesecake Bars

    I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. I am crazy about lemon. There’s just something about its tartness that makes everything a little jazzier. Add blueberries and it’s over. I’m going to eat it all. So, as I started planning for some kind of amazing Easter dessert I was drawn to..

  • rachel 8   Why You Should Apply to be a Dairy Ambassador

    Wanting to become a Dairy Ambassador for Indiana? Hello, My name is Rachel Haynes and I currently am a senior at Purdue University studying Agribusiness Management with a minor in Animal Science. This year I have had the privilege of being selected to be a Dairy Ambassador for Indiana. Being a Dairy Ambassador has been..

  • NSBW2018--MBPW--Sponsors   Breakfast Is ALWAYS Great In Schools!

    This first full week of March marks National School Breakfast Week, a time period we hold dear to our hearts as so much of our mission is about providing great, nutritious products for all students to enjoy. As part of Fuel Up to Play 60, a national partnership between the National Dairy Council and the..

  • IPS breakast   School Meals: An Insiders’ Look

    When you want the facts you reach out to an experienced professional right? To get an insider’s look on school meals, we reached out to our friend and school meals expert, Amanda Kruse, Registered Dietitian and Operations Manager for Indianapolis Public Schools Foodservice.   Hi, I’m Amanda, a Registered Dietitian for Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) FoodService..

  •   Why I Chose Dairy

    To celebrate the start of Agriculture Month, we start with a guest post by one of our Dairy Ambassadors, Ashley Binder. Ashley is a city girl from Carmel, Indiana, who nevertheless found her passion in studying dairy and hopes to work in dairy or agriculture upon graduation. by Ashley Binder, Dairy Ambassador As a little..

  • grilling tower of cheesa at gleaners   What it Means to Be Food Insecure

    Guest post by Keeley Stevens, Dietetic Intern at Indiana State University. Keeley is studying to be a Registered Dietitian. Planning a meal may be easy for some- you decide what you want, make a trip to the store, purchase what you need, then head home to prepare it. For others, simply making a trip to..

  • 27050121-milk-header2   Top 5 Dairy Foods for the Lactose Intolerant

    It’s Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month! If you thought being diagnosed Lactose Intolerant meant giving up your favorite dairy foods, we’ve got some great news! The amount of lactose in dairy products are not all the same and there are several choices that could be right for you. Here’s our top 5: Lactose Free Milk– It’s real..

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