Dairy Ambassador scholarship

Please read entire application before beginning. You are unable to save your work and return later, so it is suggested that you gather the information necessary, write the essay questions, and record the video before beginning to the complete the application.

  • High school students include current school and planned university
  • Suggested things to list on your resume include club involvements, academic honors, employment, volunteer positions, involvement in the dairy industry, and any achievements. Resume length can be up to two pages long. You may also attach a standard employment resume (one page) and include an additional page listing accomplishments, activities, and honors if you so choose.
  • Essay questions (40 points)

    Answer these questions in essay form. Use a maximum of 500 words per essay.
  • Multimedia (40 points)

    Create a short video (under two minutes) introducing yourself. Tell us your background, your involvement in dairy, and let your personality shine. Emphasis will be placed on content, presentation, and creativity.
  • Upload your video to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., then copy & paste the link to your video in the field above.
  • Describe the equipment and resources you used to create the video. Please indicate what you used to record the video, what editing software you used, and what help, if any, your received from outside sources (e.g. friends, family, etc.) in recording or editing. Please note that professional filming or editing help is not allowed.
  • References

    Please include one letter of reference from a non-family member. The second reference should also be a non-family member. Both references may be contacted to speak on your qualifications.
  • Reference 1

    Please include a letter from this reference
  • Reference 2


All questions about the Dairy Ambassador Scholarship Program should be addressed to Allie Rieth ( or 317-842-3060).