For the Love of Sports- March Madness

If you are from Indiana, you probably know about ‘March Madness.’ March Madness refers to the excitement of the final few weeks of the college basketball tournament in the United States, and it is called madness simply because there are so many games in a rather short amount of time.  I grew up in a college basketball crazed house and even skipped 8th grade for a few days to go to the tournament with my parents. Sorry Mrs. Caudill. My Dad was a huge Bobby Knight fan which may explain a lot.

Basketball goal on Dairy Farm
Growing up in my neighborhood almost every child had a basketball goal. I know for some its a symbol of the Hoosier State. This basketball goal lives on Mayhill Holstein’s dairy farm.

The madness for sports doesn’t just stop at college basketball. Some prefer NBA.

Pacers Basketball

The Pacers have the hearts of many here in Indiana. I had the pleasure of serving as an esteemed judge in the ‘Battle of the Burger’ contest with George Hill. (and Anthony Costanzo) Not only is he is a great basketball player and hamburger judge, he was very sweet.

Hamburger Judging with Anthony Costanzo and George Hill

The NFL I know is a passion for a number of people, and I love our Indianapolis Colts!

Our childhood in school wellness program is such a success partly due to the love and excitement kids have for the NFL. In December, a number Fuel Up To Play 60 students were announced during the Colts game and helped high-five the players when they ran on to the field.

When I mention ‘madness’, ‘sports’ and ‘Indiana’, I must mention the Indy 500! There are multitude of traditions and memories people have with the Indianapolis 500. I have the privilege  of assisting our Indiana Dairy Farmers – the milkmen – with the delivering the coveted drink of milk to Victory Circle.

Kissing the bricks is one of the traditions at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track, and that lovely gentleman pictured is my Dad.

Last and certainly not least on my list of sports to mention is the love for triathlons and marathons. These athletes amaze me with their dedication, endurance and discipline.

Athletics and physical activity is a big part of many people’s passions and lives. Being a part of the American Dairy Association, Indiana has me working with a variety of different groups.  No matter what sport you choose to root for or exercise you do, athletes do need the proper nutrition. The nutrition dairy provides is a combination of protein and carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients perfect for either pre or post exercise.