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Join us for a virtual education experience for health professionals, the Digital Dairy Series. Learn from leading professionals on sustainable nutrition and agriculture. Explore dairy nutrition and modern dairy farming. Discover from a team of speakers how science, nutrition and agriculture has evolved over this digital summit.

Check out the recorded speakers and topics below – and be sure to check back for more live events in the future.

about the speakers

Kim Galeaz WATCH NOW Continuing Education Form Cooking and Baking Boost and Bare Shelves

A Pandemic's Impact on Supermarket Trends
Kim Galeaz
Michele Payn WATCH NOW Elevating the Food Conversation

Six Steps to Help Overcome Food Bullying
Michele Payn Continuing Education Form
Michele Payn WATCH NOW Don't Buy B.S. (Bull Speak)

How Food Bullying Hurts Your Health
Michele Payn Continuing Education Form
Toby Amidor LEARN MORE TOBY AMIDOR A Closer Look at Dairy

In a Mediterranean Diet
Continuing Education Form
Debbie Haynes WATCH NOW Debbie Haynes Continuing Education Form Milk From Cow to You

A Virtual Farm Tour
Chris Cifelli WATCH NOW Chris Cifelli The Food Matrix

More than the Sum of Nutrients
Continuing Education Form
Leah McGrath WATCH NOW Leah McGrath Continuing Education Form The Consumer and the Post-Covid Conversation

What will be the "New Normal" in Nutrition?


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