About Us

American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc.

American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc. (ADAI) is a not-for-profit promotion, communication, and nutrition education organization funded by and serving Indiana dairy farm families. We provide service to consumers, health professionals, teachers, food service professionals, and the media.

Our organization is affiliated with the National Dairy Council. The National Dairy Council (NDC) is the nutrition arm of Dairy Management Inc and has been a leader in dairy nutrition research, education, and communication since 1915. NDC provides timely, scientifically sound nutrition information to the media, physicians, dietitians, nurses, educators, and consumers concerned about fostering a healthier society. We work closely with Indiana schools to implement Fuel Up to Play 60, a student-led, health and wellness initiative designed to encourage healthy eating and physical activity.

Our Winners Drink Milk marketing programs and various services reach Hoosiers through social, print and radio media, special promotions and events. The Indianapolis 500 Victory Circle Bottle of Milk tradition, The Fastest Rookie of the Year award program, the annual Ice Cream Social on Monument Circle, and the Indiana State Fair Dairy Bar represent some of the many activities sponsored or supported by ADAI. Currently, the statewide effort to share Hoosier dairy farmer stories with consumers, entitled “Every Single Day,” can be heard on radio and viewed on YouTube.