Your Dairy Week in Review (05/04-05/08)

This week on social media, not only were we busy, but we had very exciting news! In case you missed it, check out the recap of this past week on our social media below!

Monday, May 4th

We kicked off the week with the next Episode of The Indiana Dairy Farm Tour! Can you keep up with Holden, Heidi, and Anna? In this episode these three take you on a tour of the free stall barn, where all the cows hang out and spend most of their day. Check it out below! #UndeniablyDairy

Tuesday, May 5th

Tuesday we were ecstatic to kick off our Hoosier Heroes campaign. In the spirit of the Month of May, and the iconic winner’s drink of milk, help us to honor and support those most impacted by COVID-19. Nominate a Hoosier Hero in your community and in turn, our partners will donate funds to Indiana Food Banks in the name of our Hoosier Heroes. Plus, you can also help during a time of need by donating directly to our Indiana Food Banks. For full details on the campaign, and for your chance to nominate a hero or donate click here.

Wednesday, May 6th

On Wednesday, we shared a fun activity to help you reach the goal of being active for 60 minutes a day! Try out the Boogie Dance Activity, it’s very easy to do. Find some space where you can move around, turn on your favorite song, and dance! For an added twist, you can pretend you just scored a touchdown and show off your best touchdown dance!

Thursday, May 7th

Thursday, we were grateful to share one of the first nominations of a Hoosier Hero. Highlighted that day was Tom Wruble and Maria Schmit from the Bread of Life Community Food Pantry in northern Indiana. Read their story here.

Friday, May 8th

Last but certainly not least, we shared a delicious corn and zucchini pancakes video put together by our partners at USDA Food and Nutrition Service. This is a great brunch recipe idea, especially this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day! Check out the full video below.