Your Dairy Week in Review (05/18-05/22)

As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, we were excited to keep sharing fun videos and activities for our weekly Dairy Learning series. This week’s posts included a couple fun activities that you can try yourself! Check out what we posted below.

Monday, May 18th

For Mooovie Monday, we shared the next episode of the Indiana Dairy Farm Tour series. Follow Heidi and Holden as they continue to, “uncover the secrets of dairy farms,” with Anna at Triple M Dairy Farm. The crew heads to the free stall barn to see where the cows spend most of their day relaxing and eating.

Tuesday, May 19th

Tuesday, we shared a fun activity that you can try yourself! #DidYouKnow you can make cheese at home? All you need is milk, lemon juice or vinegar, and salt! You can find the recipe for this great activity here.

Wednesday, May 20th

For this week’s #BrainBreakWednesday activity, you can follow our friends, and Brain Break experts, from Raymore Elementary School. They’ll lead you through a few different and fun ways to get active throughout your day! #FuelGreatness #WinnersDrinkMilk

Thursday, May 21st

Always Heroes — A Tribute to Those On The Front Lines Feeding Our Nation's Kids

We know all of the numbers, and they are staggering! 124K schools closed, 30M food insecure kids at risk, with millions more in need of support due to the challenging economic times for their families. It can feel overwhelming, but those on the front lines of feeding our children – the school nutrition professionals, the volunteers, the school bus drivers – are the pillars of strength for their school communities. Each and every one of them is dedicated to ensuring that this urgent work gets done. GENYOUth is paying tribute to these every day super heroes with a new video – Always Heroes. Listen to their voices, hear their stories and see their unwavering commitment to our kids. This special video was created as a pro bono gift of generosity from 522 Productions. We are grateful to their leadership and creative teams for raising their hands to help GENYOUth. Please join our crusade to help provide grants to schools for critical resources and equipment; donate or text SCHOOLs to 20222. #ForSchoolsSake

Posted by GENYOUth on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Thursday, we were fortunate enough to share a special video.

124,000 schools are closed and 30 million food insecure kids are at risk. Those on the front lines of school feeding centers – school nutrition professionals, volunteers, school bus drivers – are dedicated to ensuring the urgent work of feeding our nation’s kids gets done. Through the generosity of 522 Productions, GENYOUth is paying tribute to these everyday heroes with a new video titled “Always Heroes”. Listen to their voices, hear their stories and see their unwavering commitment to our kids in the video above.

Friday, May 22nd

#FoodieFriday brought a special story from the food service team at New Castle Community Schools. Dee and her team have been hard at work to get their students fed during these uncertain times. Check out her story and a few photos of the great work they are doing!