Providing Milk to the Community During This Time of Need

During this mandated “stay at home” period, our Indiana dairy farmers didn’t want to lose focus of those still essential in the community.  Considering smart nutrition begins at a young age, it’s always been top of mind to take care of the kids– making sure they have access to dairy products that provide great nutrition, delicious flavor and encourages healthy routines.

One group in Indiana still very much essential to the well-being of the community are those dedicated individuals running Child and Adult Care Feeding Programs (CACFP).

Some of these programs need anywhere from 25-90 gallons of milk per week, and with milk flying off the shelves at groceries stores across the state, we realized there was a major need to step in and offer assistance.

We wanted to do our part and provide a fully stocked mini-shop where milk is reserved and available without hesitation. Today, at the Indiana State Fair Dairy Bar, we kicked off the initiative and by end of day, over 500 gallons of milk left the home of our award-winning grilled cheese and milkshakes.

For the foreseeable future, this will be a weekly offering and we look forward to providing an option that lessens the burden to those caring for others.


On Wednesday, April 1st, we opened up the Dairy Bar once again! 14 registered organizations stopped by to milk up their milk allotment and reactions were much the same… very grateful!

Thanks to Prairie Farms for donating this week’s milk!