2019 Indianapolis 500 Milk Preference Poll

Every year, we ask the Indianapolis 500 drivers to make a decision. For some drivers, it proves to be a difficult one. When considering the tradition, a tradition upheld since 1936 when Louis Meyer won the Indianapolis 500 and requested buttermilk, drivers persistently ask the question, “Why not buttermilk?”

Since the American Dairy Association Indiana Inc began polling the drivers for their milk of choice in Victory Circle, it’s been between Whole milk, 2% milk and Fat-free white milk. We think three choices are simple enough; however, every year there are drivers still requesting buttermilk. Will it ever be offered? Maybe. But for now, they must decide between the three. Simple enough, right?

Final decisions have been made and here is what each driver prefers in the 2019 Indianapolis 500 Victory Circle. Whole milk is still the most requested, with 2% and fat-free coming in second and third respectfully. #WinnersDrinkMilk