Happy Father’s Day, Farm Dads!

When talking to farmers about why they love to farm, two things constantly come up–love of cows and love of family. On multi-generational dairy farms, kids grow up working alongside their parents and grandparents, on the same land their great grandparents farmed.

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked three dairy farming families what they wanted to thank their dad for providing.

Herr Dairy Farm
Kendallville, IN
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herr kids

Alexis Herr, 4, and Sadie Herr, 2

We’d like to thank our daddy for letting us ride on the four wheeler when he goes to check on the cows!


Homestead Dairy
Plymouth, IN
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houin kids

Jocelyn Houin, 11, and Wyatt Houin, 9

Dear Daddy, thank you for always working hard to share the farm with us. From letting us milk in the parlor, helping with tours, setting up robots on day one, seeing babies being born, and feeding babies in the calf barn, you truly love what you do! Because of this, we love it too!! Thank you and happy father’s day. Love, Jocelyn and Wyatt


Triple M Dairy
LaPorte, IN
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minich kids

Mary, 8, Calvin, 4, Kate, 9, Will, 7, and Anna, 11, Minich

We are very thankful that Daddy lets us live life on the farm.