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Posted On August 27, 2014By Cris GoodeIn Milk

Disney Citizen Kid: Jenna Kelsay

Have you heard about America’s Milk Processors’ most recent partnership with Disney? It is called Citizen Kid and focuses on fueling active, successful days by encouraging families to start every day with milk – one 8 ounce glass of which contains 8 grams of protein to help power through the day! Here at American Dairy Association Indiana Inc. we are super excited about this web series as it celebrates the potential in all kids and the extraordinary things they can accomplish when they embrace their interests and talents. The latest episode stars 10 year-old dairy farmer JennaRead More
Every year, one young lady is crowned the Indiana Dairy Princess. This year’s Dairy Princess, and today’s guest blogger, is Kamille Brawner, a sophomore at Purdue University. by Kamille Brawner, 2014 Indiana Dairy Princess I am from a small town of Hanover, Indiana located in Jefferson County. There are only a few dairy farms in my county, but I am lucky enough to call one of those my family’s farm.   I was raised knowing that going outside to help feed the baby calves was not an option, but somethingRead More
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It’s fall, the leaves are changing, and it’s harvest time. Here is a basic breakdown of harvest time, in the past and today, a sort of “Dummy’s Guide” (written, I can assure you, by a dummy). Most harvesting in Indiana is done with a machine called a “combine” or more exactly, a “combine harvester.” Any guesses why it’s called a combine? A combine (pronounced, at least here in Indiana, with the emphasis on the first syllable) combines reaping, threshing, and winnowing. Reaping is the process of gathering a crop (i.e.Read More
Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP60) programs are in full swing around Indiana and LaSalle Academy in South Bend is doing their part in making this year their best yet! Program advisor Dana Stabavy shares how her school of 854 students decided to kick-off the year in the most spectacular way: “For our kickoff, we decided to present Fuel Up to Play 60 to the student body during their lunch periods. We took the poster we received from the Fuel Up to Play 60 school kit (editor’s note: any schoolRead More
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Happy National Farm to School Month! October, in the heart of harvest season, is the perfect month to celebrate helping kids get more in touch with how food is grown. There is a reason why so many children’s books are focused on what noise a particular farm animal makes, how baby animals grow up, or how seeds become big trees–understanding these fundamental principles of biology is a great way to give a child a good foundation for more advanced science. This fall, why not take your family to a realRead More
Whey Protein

Posted On October 15, 2014By Danielle SovinskiIn Health & Wellness

Whey Protein: What’s the scoop?

On most lunch breaks, you can find my husband at the gym or running outside near his work. He has always been pretty fit, making exercise, especially cycling, a priority. When I first started dating him, he would always pull out this huge plastic container of whey protein and mix it with milk for a post-workout snack. I never really knew much about whey protein except I thought it was mostly used by professional body-builders as seen on TV. But, after working at the American Dairy Association Indiana, I quicklyRead More
The School Nutrition Association (SNA), along with Chobani Greek Yogurt, bring you plenty of downloadable tools and resources to promote NSLW, October 13-17. “Get in the Game with School Lunch” is all about emphasizing the importance of balancing healthy eating and physical activity for kids– the perfect match for our Fuel Up to Play 60 program! The “Get in the Game” theme brings the opportunity to make NSLW extra fun and exciting with sports/activity-themed decorations, games, menus and more. Your promotion options are limitless—partner up with your school’s P.E. teacher, decorate your cafeteria, invite parentsRead More
Did you know there are over 40 varieties of pumpkins!  What is your favorite pumpkin?   The Chioggia with the greenish blue skin and lots of warts is my favorite! They give interest to centerpieces or Halloweenscapes. Chioggia pumpkins can be scary, fun or more of a conversation starter than the traditional orange pumpkin.   Pumpkins are everywhere! Check out some fun pumpkin events in Indiana: Fair Oaks farm- Visit Cowtober fest with a professional pumpkin carver. Did you ever wonder why we carve pumpkins? Tuttle’s Orchard in Greenfield has You Pick Pumpkins until November 1. Taylor farms in WhitelandRead More
Lou here from Much Ado About Lou. When I was a kid, our church and my parents’ friends were always having get-togethers of the eating variety… around here we call them pitch-ins, but I have recently learned that most people call them potlucks… who knew?! Anyway, one of the recipes my Momma would take frequently is her Chocolate Delight. It was always my favorite dessert no matter what anyone else decided to bring! So I thought I would share this yummy deliciousness with you! AND the recipe is super easy!Read More

Posted On October 8, 2014By Krista MarshallIn Desserts, Recipes

Autumn Is Here

It’s October, folks. There is no more denying; autumn has arrived. I realize for some of you, it’s a mystery as to why anyone would want to pretend the new season isn’t upon us. I know for many, this is your favorite time of the year. I get that. It just so happens that my favorite season just left us, so there is a little remorse on my end. I enjoy autumn, and the fun things the it brings, I am just no fan of what comes next, so sometimesRead More
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Back in the Dark Ages when I was in school, every day was Walk to School Day.  Even when I had kids of my own, their first school was right across the street from our house.  In my mind, everybody walked to school.  Well, then we moved to a bigger city, and my eyes were opened.  Not only was school farther away, but there were no sidewalks!  I was just amazed that there were schools with houses and apartments nearby, but only streets and peoples’ yards to walk on.  SoRead More