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Posted On November 26, 2014By JackieIn Holidays, Indiana Dairy Farms and Farmers, Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a great time to remember how blessed we really are and to give thanks for everything we have received over the year. One common “complaint” about Thanksgiving is that while it is supposed to be about being thankful, it has become about how much you can eat during the Thanksgiving meal. The holiday season is widely known as the bane of all diets, right? The reason Thanksgiving is in the fall (and, to my mind, so inconveniently close to Christmas) is because it is really a harvest celebration.Read More
Roasted Cauliflower with Cheesy Sauce
It’s Thanksgiving and I’m looking forward to preparing several dishes for a family pitch-in.  I have a couple of go-to favorites I enjoy making and serving.  One of them I learned to make long ago in my mother’s kitchen.  When I was a girl, one of the most exotic and complicated dishes I ever made was called ‘Glorified Cheese Cauliflower.’  Armed with a Betty Crocker cookbook, I used nearly every pot, pan and utensil in our kitchen to make the dish.  What once seemed complex and exotic is really just a simpleRead More
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Posted On November 24, 2014By Leilani GalbreathIn Interesting Holidays, Yogurt

Tomorrow is National Parfait Day!

Did you know parfait means perfect in French?  Which makes sense when we think of the parfait’s layers of creamy goodness.  Thinking of the deliciousness of layered flavors and textures, it is interesting to note that the American version of the parfait is historically displayed in a clear glass container.  This presentation is visually pleasing as one can see the different ingredients that are intricately and often artistically crafted to make such a “perfect” dessert. The parfait has been known to be frozen dessert and often made with coffee.  WeRead More
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Posted On November 21, 2014By BrookeIn Milk, Nutrition

Give A Gallon This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week is here, and many of us are planning our holiday feasts. Our grocery lists are growing, and we are organizing our families for our holiday visits. We give thanks for all our blessings, and we may even take for granted our ability to plan and prepare a holiday feast. But in Indiana, we are experiencing a growing number of families that use food banks for their food source or to supplement their food supply. These families are not able to plan a big feast, but they count theirRead More
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Tuesday morning, we were honored to represent Indiana Dairy and Fuel Up to Play 60, alongside Dairy Farmers of America and Elanco, as we helped packed more than a million meals at Lucas Oil Stadium— one million meals would feed 16 Lucas Oil Stadiums full of people! The morning started at a kick-off rally with our favorite long-snapper (or as he calls it, “upside down quarterback”), Colts player Matt Overton. In a room filled with more than 500 dairy fans, Overton shared stories about this love of dairy farms and how he has helpedRead More

Posted On November 19, 2014By MichelleIn Uncategorized

Go Bold with Butter!

Summer is long since gone, but I can still see the butter wheels spinning out the gold glaze on slices of bread at the Dairy Bar. The smell of melted butter makes my knees week, and the taste of steak patted with a compound butter mixed with blue cheese and cayenne pepper makes my mouth reveal in joy!  Butter- it makes vegetables magical, pecan pie silky and fresh warm holiday rolls disappear!  Here are some fun tips about using and enjoying butter. Keeping Butter golden! Keep butter in its originalRead More
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Posted On November 17, 2014By JackieIn Uncategorized

Happy Take a Hike Day!

The fall is the absolute perfect season for hiking, so it makes sense that Take a Hike Day is November 17.  Hiking is my favorite form of exercise because it’s fun, it’s outside, and it can be relaxed or strenuous, depending on your mood. The number one rule of hiking, in my opinion (besides don’t get lost!) is take a snack! Before hiking, make sure you eat a breakfast that will keep you satisfied (skip the donut and try instead oatmeal made with milk for extra protein, Greek yogurt andRead More
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Posted On November 14, 2014By Jent CampbellIn Appetizers & Sides, Blogger Spotlight, Recipes

Seriously Amazing Mac & Cheese

Hello!  Jent here guest posting From My Front Porch! Is it weird how much I love the smell of a dairy farm!  Of course, I live on a hog farm so comparatively that makes sense! I also love all the good things that come from a dairy farm – milk, cheese, whole cream, butter!  Combine them, throw in some pasta and you end up with some seriously amazing mac & cheese!  This is one of the most requested items when people come over for supper!  This goes perfectly with pork BBQRead More

Posted On November 12, 2014By BrookeIn Holidays, Uncategorized

It’s Not All About The Turkey

When the clock strikes 2 p.m. you’ll find us gathered around the table, elbows up and ready to pass the food. But as you know, Thanksgiving is not all about the turkey. For our family, Thanksgiving day is more than turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Thanksgiving is one of two holidays where tradition is coveted. Every third Thursday in November, my father wakes up and heads to the donut shop for at least a dozen donuts. It started several years back, and it’s one of the most simple reasonsRead More
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Posted On November 11, 2014By Krista MarshallIn Appetizers & Sides, Blogger Spotlight, Recipes

Turkey Day Twist

Welcome to November!! And we all know what that means. Thanksgiving and all the food and family that comes with it, is just around the corner. I am a true believer it’s never too early to start planning, so I’ve got something yummy to share that would be perfect for your holiday table; but first a story of Turkey Days gone by. While I am a born and raised Hoosier girl, and so proud of it, I have Pennsylvania blood running through my veins. See, both of my parents wereRead More