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Posted On December 19, 2014By JenniIn Christmas, Uncategorized

Give a Gallon to All Those in Need

The Holidays only come once a year, but for one out of five children, hunger comes around every day. Families that depend on Feeding America food banks receive less than one gallon of milk per person, per year. Its recommended growing children have what equals to almost a gallon a week. Milk is one of the most requested nutrition staple but not readily available in food banks. For many people, hunger is not front of mind every day, mine included. I had the opportunity to volunteer recently at Gleaners FoodRead More
Mom's Dove Hot Chocolate Recipe-3

Posted On December 18, 2014By Jent CampbellIn Uncategorized

My Mom’s Hot Chocolate

Candy Chocolate Squares – Ice Cream – Milk … that I have your complete attention – this will be one of the simplest and most delicious hot chocolate recipes you will find! This is Jent From My Front Porch guest posting!  Hot chocolate has forever been a part of my life, my Mom loves it and quite possibly thinks it is a cure all for everything – and she is right! Over the years my Mom has had numerous recipes, concoctions and possible science experiments to get the ultimate cupRead More
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Posted On December 17, 2014By BrookeIn Christmas, Holidays

RULES: Show Us Your Milk & Cookies!

Who’s excited to “Show Us Your Milk & Cookies”?! On Wednesday, December 24th, we want you to Show Us Your Milk & Cookies by sharing your pictures via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook*. Using the hashtag #SantaDrinksMilk, share a picture of your milk & cookies to be entered to win a prize (be sure to tag @INDairy)! On December 25th, one lucky random winner will win a $250 Gift Card! Then, starting December 26th, log on to where the three most creative #SantaDrinksMilk submissions will be featured for votes. BetweenRead More
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Posted On December 17, 2014By MichelleIn Milk, Uncategorized

Going to Gleaners, Doing Good!

One of my favorite holiday movies, Eloise at Christmastime, a little girl that lives at the Plaza Hotel and is rather mischievous!  Eloise’s nanny says about gifts, “that it is not the presents wrapped with ribbons and bows that mean the most”, this is so true this time of year.   The American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc. has a long history of encouraging all children to get their dairy needs enjoying milk cheese and yogurt. Did you know one out of every 4 children are a part of families living at or below the poverty level?  Or thatRead More
Are you struggling this holiday season with choosing a gift for the dairy farmer in your life? Here are my top suggestions. 1. A reliable flashlight Did you know many dairy farmers are up milking at 3 a.m.? Or may need to go out in the middle of the night to help a cow give birth to a baby calf? A handy flashlight makes a late night trek from the house to the barn a little more pleasant. Extra points if it’s a hands-free head lamp–it’s hard to hold a flashlightRead More
Ice Skating Cropped

Posted On December 12, 2014By Danielle SovinskiIn Christmas, Health & Wellness

8 Ways to Stay Fit through the Holidays

During the winter months, especially when it is dark and chilly outside, it can be difficult to get in your daily exercise. On top of that, the holiday season brings a bustling rush of great food, good company and family traditions. One of those new traditions could be to bond as a family with some fun, winter themed physical activities. According to the CDC, the health benefits of exercise are endless, including improved mental health, decreased risk of chronic disease and many others. After a fun-filled holiday exercise, don’t forgetRead More
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Posted On December 11, 2014By Krista MarshallIn Uncategorized

New Christmas Veggie

If you haven’t been paying attention, there are less than three weeks until the big day. Those cards needs mailed, the presents need wrapping, trim the tree and bake some cookies because our favorite holiday will be here before you know it! Well, okay, it’s my favorite holiday, so I get really excited this time of year. I know so many of us are so super busy during December sometimes the wonderful parts of the holiday season can be over shadowed by the hustle, bustle and down right hassle of everything onRead More

Posted On December 10, 2014By MaryIn Christmas, Desserts, Holidays, Recipes

Favorite Cookie Exchange Recipes

OK, bakers, start your ovens!  Tis the season for the office or neighborhood cookie exchange. So what is a cookie exchange?  In short, it’s a gathering where attendees each bring a given quantity of their favorite holiday cookie, say 4-6 dozen.  All participants share their cookies, so in the end, you leave with as many cookies as you brought, but you have a sampling of all the different cookies that were created.  If you’re lucky, the recipes were included, as well!  Here’s a nice overview. Even if you’re not activelyRead More
Traditions are a huge part of holidays. Whether you open presents on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, what kinds of things you expect in your stockings, what you eat, what you do New Year’s Eve are likely determined by what your family did and what you did as a child. In twenty years, parents may speak of the Elf of a Shelf as though he was a Christmas tradition handed down from Biblical times, although children from my generation wouldn’t have ever experienced him in their childhoods. Here are someRead More
peanut brittle

Posted On December 5, 2014By Deb OszaIn Cheese, Christmas, Desserts, Holidays, Milk, Recipes, Uncategorized

Happy Holiday Memories

When I think of holiday food traditions, I think of citrus and walnuts, Colby cheese and cashews, peanut brittle and Christmas cookies. My mother grew up on a farm in Groves Springs, Missouri near Hartville in the central Ozarks. Life wasn’t easy . After her father died of tuberculosis, her mother had to leave to find work. Mom and her sister Jo went to live with their great-grandmother. At Christmas-time, mom would get some oranges and walnuts in her stocking. She always told me that the fragrance of oranges remindedRead More