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Posted On January 30, 2015By MichelleIn Meet the Chef

Meet A Chef: Joel Rifkind

I have the pleasure of knowing and working with many diverse and entertaining chefs.  Not all chefs begin and stay in the kitchen.  It is my hope that this year, you’ll enjoy meeting some of my friends as they share their favorite experiences and culinary moments. First on the list, meet Dr. Joel Rifkind… My name is Dr. Joel Rifkind and I have been a full time practicing dentist in Indianapolis for 37 years. During that time I have enjoyed the respect and admiration of my fine staff. I am alsoRead More

Posted On January 28, 2015By JackieIn Farm Life

Fun at Work Day

Today is National Fun at Work Day! It’s a day to be a little more light-hearted than usual and reward yourself for a year of hard work. I think nearly every day at work should involve at least a little bit of fun–my grandpa once told told he felt sorry for anyone who woke up every day to go to a job they hate, and that attitude definitely stuck with me! Any day spent on a farm or working with dairy farmers is a pretty fun day for me. I think oneRead More

Posted On January 27, 2015By Guest BloggerIn Blogger Spotlight

Milk & Girl Scout Cookie Time!

One of my favorite times of the year, and I’m sure many people feel the same way, is Girl Scout Cookie season. That is actually the reason I became a Girl Scout in the first place. I wanted to be like the girls that got to sell cookies. So, when I was in third grade, I had my parents take me to a mass sign up at the Avon Washington Township Park, to get me in a troop. I’m not that little Brownie anymore. I’m now a Girl Scout AmbassadorRead More

Posted On January 26, 2015By MichelleIn Uncategorized

Choppin’ Hunger: Chef vs Chef

Saturday was our second annual “Choppin’ Hunger Challenge” at the Indianapolis Home Show. Similar to “Chopped” on Food Network, chefs were provided a mystery basket of ingredients containing zucchini, canned mixed vegetables, pineapple, chicken leg quarters, donut holes and graham crackers (These are commonly donated goods to food banks and pantries) a few minutes before the cooking challenge began. Each chef was allowed one assistant and each station provided the chef with an electric skillet, stove top burner and, of course, the mystery bag of ingredients. In addition, the chefs were allowed to visit the communal pantry as often as necessary in order to prepare aRead More
We are pleased to share recipes from the Indianapolis Home Show’s “Choppin’ Hunger” challenge! Featured below are four recipes created using commonly donated food bank goods. Thank you for supporting a cause near and dear to the hearts of our Indiana Dairy Farmers! Choppin’ Hunger was created by the American Dairy of Indiana, Gleaners Food Bank, Second Helpings and CICOA — all working to eliminate hunger in Indiana. Please enjoy and share with your friends! Cheesy Skillet Tuna Bake: Crockpot Chili: Ham and Cheese Egg Cups: Great Crunch Granola:Read More

Posted On January 23, 2015By MichelleIn Interesting Holidays, Recipes

Happy National Pie Day!

I say, “Let them eat pie!”; maybe it was cake- but today it is PIE!  Many have a vision of apple or cherry when it comes to pie, but I think of breakfast! Celebrate the morning with a delicious breakfast Quiche.   It’s a simple way to start your day with decadent pie. Fill a pie crust with a combination of eggs, milk, cheese and vegetables for the batter and top with more cheese, waiting for it to bake makes me giddy with delight! Simple ingredients and a pie shell make breakfastRead More
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Posted On January 21, 2015By BrookeIn Fuel Up To Play 60

FUTP 60: School of the Week

Every weekend, during the Indianapolis Colts season, we have the opportunity to showcase one Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP 60) school that is doing amazing things in the name of health and wellness. Our FUTP 60 program reaches almost 70% of Indiana schools. When we combine our #1 in-school health and wellness program, recently endorsed by the Department of Education, with our beloved NFL team’s influence, a very significant partnership is formed. We know the success of our FUTP 60 program would not be the most requested in-school initiative acrossRead More

Posted On January 19, 2015By BrookeIn Events, Holidays, Indianapolis 500

This Spring at ADAI

Spring at the American Dairy Association Indiana Inc means new adventures, new campaigns, and new opportunities to proudly represent our Indiana dairy farmers while out promoting all things dairy! Look forward to more information on the following initiatives and events as we kick off 2015! January Choppin’ Hunger at the Indiana Home Show – January 24th February Lactose Intolerance Month Girl Scout Cookies Time Valentine’s Day with Dairy Farmers — February 11th Oats & Dairy Series Final Installment March National Nutrition Month — #FuelGreatness National Breakfast Week- (first week of March) A DayRead More
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Today’s blog post is the sixth in the Oats & Dairy Series. Powerful partners, oats and dairy, help fill food and nutrient gaps, may provide important health benefits, and are a simple and delicious option – for breakfast and beyond. Calling all peanut butter lovers—try this new spin on an old-time favorite. Hearty biscuits made with whole grain oats and nutrient-rich dairy can be filled with a number of delicious toppings. These biscuits can stay fresh in a tightly sealed container for a few days at room temperature or longerRead More
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Posted On January 14, 2015By DanielleIn Health & Wellness, Nutrition

Nutrition Spot: Journey to Run

The Nutrition Spot, our brand new blog series, shares health and wellness insights from Indiana nutrition professionals. Our first post comes from Angie Frost, RD, CD. Angie is a registered dietitian working for Crawfordsville Community School Corporation as the nutrition educator and wellness coordinator.  Angie has been at Crawfordsville for 10 years.  She also does consulting work and has worked in this capacity with Wabash Valley Education Center, the Indiana Department of Education Child Adult Care Food Program, Purdue 4H,  and with the NOURISH program in Crawfordsville.  Angie is passionateRead More