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This spring, there are many things I am looking forward to: warm weather, consistent sunshine, outdoor concerts and an excuse to stay up with the sun. I have never been one to sit around on sunny days, so I 100% ready to let those those warm-weather endorphins emerge after a brisk walk or jog. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that March happens to be National Nutrition Month. After hibernating with comfort foods and a new-found love/hate relationship with my treadmill, I have been using March as my month toRead More
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Spring is finally here.  What a relief (At least, it will be as soon as the weather warms up again)!  As I write,  the temperatures have plunged back into the freezing and sub-freezing zone, but never fear, those temperatures must give way to warmth…and soon! As an avid walker, I relish moving back outdoors to walk the parks, roads and green-ways of Central Indiana.  I hate walking on the treadmill.  In fact, I ditched my treadmill about six months ago.  It was a space hog and I never used it anyway. Read More
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Fuel Your Inner Athlete

It’s one of my favorite times of the year…MARCH MADNESS! With the NCAA tournament well underway, the excitement is building across the nation. My husband and I feverishly filled out our brackets only to compete with each other to see who has the most wins at the end of the tournament. The thrill of it all fueled by some of the best collegiate athletes, some headed to professional basketball careers, others well on their way to successful futures in the working world. So what does it take to obtain theRead More
Fuel Up to Play 60, the largest in-school health and wellness program, combines two of our favorite subjects, healthy eating (go dairy!) and physical activity.  We are constantly encouraging students to become more aware of what they’re putting into their bodies and to focus on how much physical activity they are incorporating into their daily routine. For students at Garrett Middle School in Garrett, Indiana, they realized they could do better. How do you create a movement in a school? You start by creating a plan, and that’s exactly what theRead More
Upon hearing a review is forthcoming, most chefs feel full of anxiety and concern for what their critic might find. These days, my critic is a spirited 2 year old named Ellis, my daughter. So, as long as there’s some sort of cheese course involved, I am considered a five star chef! I am an older mom, new to this game of mommy hood, but I’m an old hat when it comes to food. One of the scariest parts of being a parent is worrying you’re making the wrong choices.Read More
Ag Day

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Thank a Farmer, It’s Ag Day!

It’s time to celebrate the people who produce our food every day.  It’s Agriculture Day and we should tip our hats to farmers who work hard to provide products we use daily. As a Registered Dietitian, I think it’s very fitting Ag Day is during Nutrition Month. During National Nutrition Month we chat about eating healthy from all the food groups. Each one of those foods was grown and produced by a farmer. Farmers have made it so easy to acquire products we often do not think about where our foodRead More
More than Groundhog’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite harbinger of spring.  Not only are warmer temperatures on the horizon, there is college basketball galore!  Can you say March Madness? Just so you know, the vernal equinox – the official name of the first day of spring – is March 20.  We’re almost there! Since we’ll all be Irish tomorrow, how about some green foods to get us ready for the celebrating?  Oh sure, you can add green food coloring to just about anything, but here are a fewRead More
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(Note: One of my favorite things about dairy farms is that no two farms are exactly alike, so a schedule could vary widely from farm to farm. This is just an example.) 3 a.m. Rise and shine! Unless you are a robotic dairy farmer (like Sommer Dairy Farm in Berne, Indiana), you begin your day pretty early. First on the agenda: milking the cows. Each cow spends less than 10 minutes in the milking parlor, but depending on the size of the milking parlor and how many cows need milked,Read More
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Nutrition Spot: Happy RD Day!

Have you ever had a nutrition question or wondered if a certain supplement would be effective or a waste of your hard earned dollars? Have you ever been a patient receiving a diagnosis that could be managed in part by a change in your diet and activity? Or maybe you just have a general interest in health and nutrition and would like to know which resources would be able to help you gain more knowledge? The answer to all of these would be a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). We allRead More
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Let’s be real. Pretty much everybody in Indiana has strong feelings about whether we should or shouldn’t be on Daylight Saving Time (or for that matter, whether we should be on central or eastern time). While I, as a pampered city slicker, enjoy the extra hour of sunlight in the evening so I can get my evening run in (ok, maybe an evening power walk… or stroll), dairy farmers face some challenges when switching to and from DST. How is that possible, you ask? Don’t farmers just rise with theRead More