Top Indiana Ice Cream Shops (and What To Order) From Those Who Know Them Best!

July is National Ice Cream Month and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a cold scoop (or two) on a hot summer day. Fun fact: Did you know that Indiana is #2 in ice cream production in the United States? Now is the time to get to sampling! As the unofficial connoisseurs of all things dairy, we thought it appropriate to poll the staff of the American Dairy Association Indiana to compile a list of our favorite ice cream shops to get you started.

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Beth, Program Assistant: Dairy Queen

“Nothing better than a Dairy Queen soft serve cone dipped in butterscotch.  Well, maybe a buster bar or a hot fudge sundae.  Depends on the day I suppose. My neighborhood DQ was there when we moved into our house 26 years ago and it’s still going strong.“

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Meg, Youth Wellness Program Manager: Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

“You can’t go wrong with a hundred choices of ice cream and yogurt, all made from fresh ingredients, right on site. Plus, the quaint locations are open year-round! It is all sooo good, but I save time by ordering the second item… Banana. Cream. Pie.”

The Chief Ice Cream Stand

Allie, Farmer Relations Manager: The Chief Ice Cream Stand

“All ice cream is made on-site by an antique ice cream machine with 12 percent milk fat, so it’s really rich in flavor. Plus they hire high school and college students, providing awesome scholarships. Best flavors in my opinion are blue moon and lemon, very vibrant colors.”

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Hanna, Youth Wellness Director: Ivanhoe’s

“Road trip! There’s something for everyone at Ivanhoe’s with 100 different shake flavors and 100 different sundaes. I’m still working on my 100 Club Membership. Great stop for lunch as well. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m going to recommend the Chocolate Midnight Shake for those in need of a serious chocolate fix.”

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Brooke, Director of Communications: The Scoop

“In the heart of Zionsville’s Main Street is The Scoop. It’s the cutest blue house turned sweet treat destination, and the perfect place to go when needing a cool dessert. Fill up a waffle cone with mint chocolate chip and stroll along Lion’s Park. It’s every little bit of nostalgia I need from my hometown!”

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Josh, Youth Wellness and Communication Coordinator: The Chocolate Moose (Bloomington)

“My favorite ice cream place has to be Chocolate Moose in Bloomington.  They have the BEST ice cream, and in a bunch of fun, unique flavors.  And they offer giant portions, which is probably my favorite part!”

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Michelle, Food Service Manager: Zaharakos

“Zaharakos in Columbus IN.  Best Chocolate raspberry ice cream and they make their own hot fudge in a classic 1900’s ice cream shoppe with a working Welte Orchestrion!”

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Leilani, Executive Assistant: Cold Stone Creamery

“Love the flavors and options.  The ice cream is smooth and very good.  Favorite flavor- Cheesecake with brownie bits!”

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Jenni, Chief Executive Officer: Goods

“The ice cream is delicious, and they have so many different flavors! Birthday cake is my favorite. Their customer service is excellent. They have a cute little parlor with café seating to enjoy ice cream that is hand dipped. Outside seating is lovely for nice weather days and evenings. Don’t forget to look in freezer cases for ice cream cakes!”